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It’s no secret that TV shows are full of clichés and popular shots. From love triangles to secret families, these tropes and clichés may be predictable, but they’re still very popular with viewers. In particular, one of the most popular TV tropes of all time is the “found family” trope. “Found Family Shows” refers to series where characters who are mostly unrelated and form their own family unit, leaning on each other for love and support.

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The “family found” is such a common trope; it’s basically the backbone of most workplace sitcoms and television as a whole. Yet there are a myriad of ways the “found family” chooses to present themselves on the shows. From children’s television to the world of streaming, there is bound to be a “family found” show that resonates with every viewer.

ten Avatar: The Last Airbender

The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is arguably one of the most popular children’s cartoons created in recent years. It also happens to be one of the best “family found” shows thanks to the bond the main characters make with each other.

Set after the world splits into four nations, it’s up to Aang, the last airbender to save the world before the Fire Nation threatens to conquer it all. Fortunately, Aang is not alone and he relies on Katara and Sokka to help him make his way to his guest.

9 Friends

The cast of Friends drinking milkshakes

While Friends may not have been called the ‘family found’ show when it broke records and aired new episodes in the 1990s and early 2000s, there’s no denying that that’s exactly what is the iconic sitcom.

Located in New York, Friends, of course, follows the lives of six friends who fall in love, experience career challenges, and support and love each other through life’s ups and downs. While nearly half of the characters end up becoming family members by the end of the series, they mostly start out as friends.

8 Good problem

Cast of Good Trouble on the pool deck

Freeform’s bestselling original series Good problem is a spin-off of their equally successful The Foster. contrary to The Fosters – which focused more on a traditional family unit – ggood problem is the “found family” par excellence.

After moving to Los Angeles, Mariana and Callie move into a shared apartment building with a plethora of other adults in their 20s and 30s. Like any family, La Coterie becomes a safe place for its residents while providing a home for this group of dysfunctional friends.

7 New girl

New Girl's casting on the loft balcony

New girl Perhaps would have started as a show about the eccentric Jess who finds himself heartbroken and homeless, having no choice but to move into a loft with three strange men, but the show ends up being l perfect example of a “family found”.

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It doesn’t take long before Jess befriends Nick, the underperforming bartender she falls in love with; Schmidt, who is tense and obsessed with popularity; and of course, Winston, the former competitive athlete with a heart of gold. Together with Jess’ best friend, Cece, this “family” supports each other while at times coming back to reality.

6 Parks and recreation

Cast of Parks And Recreation fooling around in the office

Not only is Parks and recreation one of the most iconic workplace sitcoms of all time, it’s also one of the best examples of the ‘found family’ trope. While this may seem like the Pawnee, Indiana Department of Parks and Recreation is just co-workers, they are actually much more than that.

Of course, Leslie Knope takes on the role of mother of the department by inspiring her colleagues and always seeing the best in them. So you could argue that Ron would be the distant father figure of the parents with a casual approach. And then, of course, there are the exuberant “kids”: Tom, Andy and April.

5 Hypermarket

Supermarkets cast watch TV on sofa in Cloud 9 floor

Recently graduating, Hypermarket is yet another perfect example of how the workplace sitcom is breeding ground for the ‘found family’ trope. Located in the fictitious Cloud 9 big box store, Hypermarket follows the daily life of store employees ranging from store manager to upstairs associates.

The cast of Hypermarket quickly forge bonds with each other as they are forced to rally to stay sane in the retail world. And while romance definitely flies in Cloud 9, at the end of the day, these employees genuinely care about seeing themselves succeed.

4 Teen Titans

Teen Titan Show Poster (2003)

The original animation adaptation of Teen Titans premiered in 2003 and has grown into one of Cartoon Network’s most popular and acclaimed series. It was so popular that it later warranted a revival with the creation of Teen Titans Go.

While much of the show focuses on the Teen Titans working together to take down the bad guys, the show also focuses on the friendship these characters share and the family they create. Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire come to rely on each other not only on the battlefield, but also in personal affairs much like those of a family.

3 The right place

The Good Place cast outside a train station

Like other television series created and produced by Michael Schur, The right place Also has strong ties to the ‘found family’ trope. The series centers on Eleanor Shellstrop, a young woman who accidentally finds herself living in a “good place” after her death. However, the “right place” has its own hidden mysteries.

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Through the twists and turns of the series, Eleanor comes to rely on other residents of the right place, especially falling in love with her soul mate Chidi. Together, this motley group of misfits must right the wrongs in the right place in order to move on.

2 The Mandalorian

Mando and Grogu in The Razor Crest

the Star wars the franchise may not be synonymous with the ‘found family’ trope, but upon further investigation many of the stories resemble the other shows. In particular, The Mandalorian is just the most recent example of this trope in the Star wars universe.

In a literal sense, Mando finds himself taking on a fatherly role with Grogu, aka The Child, after saving him from danger in the pilot episode of The Mandalorian. As the series explores this father-son dynamic, Mando also has to lean on the allies he meets and who end up becoming his family of sorts.

1 13 reasons why

Justin, Clay, Annie and Jessica outside of high school

While Netflix’s teen drama series 13 reasons why Not without harsh criticisms and flaws, the series has also provided one of the strongest “found family” tropes in the world of teen television. Once inspired by the young adult novel of the same name, the series spanned four seasons and followed the lives of several Liberty High teens who all have traumas and secrets to overcome.

The teens of Liberty High certainly don’t start out as family, but after enduring tragedy after tragedy and agreeing to cover up a murder, these teens have no choice but to lean on and support each other. In fact, some even become a real family.

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