10 Best Legal Dramas Like ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ You Can’t Miss

David E. Kellya master of television production, returned to the legal drama genre with his most recent Netflix series, Lincoln’s lawyer. The show centers on titular defense attorney Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia Rulfo), who after overcoming his addiction to opioids following a surfing accident, is forced to return to his profession as a lawyer after the murder of a colleague of his, leaving Mickey his firm with a backlog of cases and potentially a target on the back.

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The series of novels centered on Mickey Haller by Michael Connelly is the inspiration for the TV show. It fits faithfully The Brass Verdictthe second book in the series, part of which is adapted into a 2011 feature film, starring Matthew McConaughey like Haller. While waiting for the season 2 premiere of the show, here is a list of 10 ratings drama series for the fans of Lincoln’s lawyer distract.


“Anatomy of a Scandal” (2022)

The scandalous trial of James Whitehouse (Friend Rupert), a parliamentary minister accused of sexual assault by his former mistress, Olivia Lytton (Naomi Scott), is the subject of Anatomy of a Scandal. Attorney Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery), the Whitehouse prosecutor, is determined to bring down this man and his career, while his wife, Sophie Whitehouse (Siena Miller), struggles to maintain her faith in him.

The creative spirit behind Anatomy of a Scandal turns out to be Lincoln’s lawyerShowrunner David E. Kelley, thus, the two series share the same fast pace and a very contemporary and intense tone. Similar to Lincoln’s lawyer, Anatomy of a Scandal investigates the infamous trial of a well-known character in which a case goes horribly wrong, providing audiences with a number of disturbing twists.

“How to Get Away With Murder” (2014 – 2020)

The show centers on Annalize Keating (Viola Davis), a defense attorney who teaches a course called How to get away with murder. Keating recruits five students for internships at his legal firm each academic year. However, things change when the team gets involved in a deadly scheme that will change their lives forever.

As legal knowledge has been strongly emphasized in Lincoln’s lawyer, How to get away with murder also gives viewers useful legal information in a very engaging way. Plus, this show is for you if you want a strong and compelling female lead with fantastic supporting characters with intriguing stories and suspense every minute.

“The Good Fight” (2017 – 2022)

The good fighta spin-off from The good wifequickly became one of Paramount+’s top shows. The good wife follows Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) who has to deal with the aftermath of her husband’s political crisis and returns to his job as a lawyer. The good fightmarkedly more political than its predecessor, follows Christine BaranskyThe character of Diane Lockhart as she begins a new career at another law firm.

The good fightAs Lincoln’s lawyer, isn’t afraid to show all the ugly sides of the justice system and the brutality in the courtroom. In addition, The good fight also manages to address many of the pressing social and cultural concerns that can scare audiences, in addition to simply delivering the traditional thrills of a legal series.

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‘Goliath’ (2016 – 2021)

David E. Kelley, who also adapted Lincoln’s lawyer for Netflix, and Jonathan Shapiroare the creators of the Amazon Prime legal drama, Goliath. Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thorton), is a failed lawyer who embarked on a downward spiral after a killer he successfully defended murdered an entire family.

One of Goliathmost seductive qualities is that he, as Lincoln’s lawyercan dive deep into the psychology of its characters. Goliathon the other hand, is darker than Lincoln’s lawyer and focuses more on corruption and murder, which undoubtedly adds to the drama. Another compelling incentive to watch this series is Thornton, whose portrayal of McBride won him the 2017 Golden Globe for Outstanding Actor in a Television Series.

‘Suits’ (2011 – 2019)

Combinations follows Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adamsas he teams up with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), a reputable lawyer. Ross, however, is not a lawyer; he simply has a remarkable eidetic memory, and one of the show’s key narrative points is hiding the fact that Ross didn’t have a law degree.

Although Combinations is a court drama, it contains more humor than Lincoln’s lawyer. The show, however, does not neglect its primary responsibility, which is to provide excellent drama for audiences as well as among legal professionals themselves. Thereby, Combinations has enough procedural features to keep and please Lincoln’s lawyer Fans.

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“Better Call Saul” (2015 – 2022)

You better call Saula prequel to one of TV’s most popular shows, breaking Badfollows James “Jimmy” McGill (Bob Odenkerk) before adopting the nickname Saul Goodman. Before becoming a corrupt lawyer for meth kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston), McGill is a small lawyer who defends low-income clients and tries to do good in his community.

You better call Saul differs from its predecessor in a way similar to Lincoln’s lawyer due to his eccentricity, and there is no doubt that Bob Odenkirk continues to thrive as the titular character. Although it focuses more on character development than courtroom drama, the series nonetheless excels in the legal department that promises to deliver the thrill.

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“Damage” (2007 – 2012)

damage follows Patty Hewes, a cunning and cruel lawyer, played by Glenn Close. A different high-profile case is at the center of each season as Patty develops her brilliant protege, teaching him the ropes of the competitive world of elite New York law firms and the ethical ambiguities that always seem to arise when Patty is on a affair.

Lincoln’s lawyer offers viewers a protagonist who, despite severe flaws, they can identify with and put down roots. Likewise, damage also takes his time to introduce Patty Hewes to the public. While she’s not always the most endearing or likeable, that’s precisely what makes her and the entire series so fascinating to watch.

‘Perry Mason’ (2020 – )

HBO Perry Mason Features Matthew Rhys as titular agent and is based on Erle Stanley Gardnerand the enduring series of the same name, which aired from 1957 to 1966. The show is set in 1932, when defense attorney Perry Mason, who is still reeling from the trauma of having fought in World War I and has to endure the Great Depression, accepts a case involving a major kidnapping that endangers him and his loved ones.

In the same way as Lincoln’s lawyer did with Haller’s PTSD following his accident and subsequent drug abuse, Perry Mason also addressed and examined the trauma with Mason’s World War I-related trauma. Moreover, as Perry Mason also takes place in Los Angeles, just 90 years from Lincoln’s lawyerfans of the series will feel especially familiar.

“The Practice” (1997 – 2004)

Another series created by David E. Kelley appears on the list, The practice which lasted 8 seasons. It explores the inner workings of a Boston law firm, focusing on a group of attorneys led by Bobby Donnell (Dylan McDermott), founder of the firm and lead defense attorney.

The premise of the show was similar to that of Lincoln’s lawyer in which the two explore the moral underpinnings of criminal defense attorneys and the extremes to which they will go. Fans will also feel like they’ve been immersed in the courtroom and witnessed history due to the brilliant writing and outstanding performances.

‘Rake’ (2010 – 2018)

Richard Roxburgh played the idiosyncratic and brash lawyer Cleaver Greene who usually defends the guilty in the Australian comedy-drama television series Rake, which ran for five seasons. The character was based on two lawyers from Sydney.

Fans love to hate Greene, unlike Haller, who is really endearing in Lincoln’s lawyer. However, both individuals are excellent at their jobs. Rake also has a number of funny and entertaining moments with Aussie humor that ease the tension in the courtroom. One more reason to watch the series is the equally excellent cast and their standout chemistry.

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