10 Best Shows Like AMC’s Gonna Hurt

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. In the case of AMC’s brand new medical comedy This will hurtthe old adage is used to tell the comic story of Adam Kay (Ben Whishaw), a young doctor who joins a group of young, inexperienced medical professionals who do their best to climb the ladder from labor room to the National Health Service hospital in the UK.

While some of the most popular medical dramas like Emergency room and Grey’s Anatomy take a more soapy romantic approach, This will hurt joins a specific culture of medical comedies that aim to leave viewers in serious stitches.

Scrubs – Stream on Hulu, Prime Video

Elliot, JD and Turk pose together in the hospital on Scrubs

Lasting nine seasons and 182 episodes, Scrubs remains one of the most beloved medical television comedies of the past 20 years. Set in the fictional teaching facility known as Sacred Heart Hospital, it’s precisely the inexperience, naivety, and gullibility of the young staff members and their sophomoric shenanigans that bolster the series’ comic conceit, all at done in the vein of AMC’s new series.


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Bursting with a huge heart and a terrific ensemble cast that portrays genuinely good-natured characters, Scrubs is a stark reminder that not all medical TV shows need to be sad, depressing, or overly reliant on complex medical procedures to make good TV.

Nurse Jackie – Stream on DirecTV

Jackie smiles at a patient in pain on Nurse Jackie

Thanks to Edie Falco’s Emmy-winning performance in the title role, Nurse Jackie manages to blend relatable human drama with some of the funniest storylines on any medical TV show. The heart of the show involves Jackie Peyton, an overworked New York ER nurse who does her best to navigate her daily work life while dealing with her own drug addiction. It’s almost like Accommodation with gender reversal minus the mystery.

Aside from Falco’s tour de force performance commanding the screen as a truly awesome female TV character, the humor is honest, raw, unvarnished and proves that even medical professionals don’t always know what’s going on. is best for themselves, let alone their patients. .

House – Stream to Peacock, Prime Video, Roku

Hugh Laurie as Gregory House M.D.

Whereas Accommodation is billed as a mystery drama, the singular brand of hilarious offbeat humor that Hugh Laurie brings to the title role on TV is too fun for medical comedy fans to pass up. A little like Nurse JackieDr. Gregory House’s audience roots precisely because of the way he battles his personal demons with a unique sense of humor, marching to his own iconoclastic pace in the most sympathetic way.

Currently ranked No. 87 on IMDb’s Top 250 Shows of All Time, the brilliance of Accommodation is that it transcends genre to become an entirely unique experience, often paying homage to Sherlock Holmes’ sense of mischief and misadventure.

M*A*S*H – Stream on Hulu

Hawkeye stands in front of a MASH sign and smiles at MASH

It’s hard to imagine a world where This will hurt exists without the iconic TV show MASH POTATOES first laying the comic groundwork. Indeed, a pioneer of the best medical comedies on TV, juxtaposing the horrors of the Korean War with the goofy hijinks of a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital staff proved to be a cathartic and deeply therapeutic experience. .

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In addition to providing escapism in its first three seasons, the hilarious cast of characters led by Alan Alda as Hawkeye confronted the realities of war while seeing up close the difficult work of the doctors of the war. army, the morale problems they face and the sacrifices they make to keep the country safe.

Emily Owens, MD – Currently N/A to air

Emily falls to the floor in Emily Owens MD's lab

With the tone, tenor and light temper of a typical CW show, the underrated Emily Owens, MD. makes a very worthy companion with This will hurt. Grandma Gummer plays Emily Owens, a bright-eyed young medical intern who realizes that working for the best hospital in town is similar to the clicky dynamics of high school.

Witty, smart, and sincere, the unique cases Emily faces not only lead to a slew of hilarious situations, but in the process she learns about herself, boosts her confidence, and begins to rise through the ranks of her staff. hospitable, just like Adam Kay. Is.

Green Wing – Stream On Fubu, Vudu, Tubi

fans of This will hurt and dry British humor would be wise to find green wing, a hysterical sketch show set in the stuffy East Hampton Hospital, another NHS facility. The structure may differ, but the setting and distinct brand of morbid English medical comedy is entirely on par with AMC’s new show.

Often hailed as one of the funniest British comedies of the 2000s, the show showcases the humor sparked by the romantic and professional rivalries between the various staff members, all of whom have the implicit trust of their patients but fail to achieve not really get along with each other in a professional setting. Irreverent, surreal and wildly entertaining, green wing is not to be missed.

Body of Evidence – Stream on Hulu

main cast test body

Adding a refreshing crime element to medical humor, piece of evidence ran for three seasons on ABC from 2011 to 2013. Dana Delany stars as Megan Hunt, a neurosurgeon in need of redemption after a tragic operation. With absolute medical precision, likable characters and an indispensable levity that comes at the least expected moments, piece of evidence shows that a mix of genres can work well if executed correctly.

Between solving various crime cases, tending to patients, reconnecting with her daughter, and trading witty repartee with her superiors, Megan proves to be an extremely easy role model to follow. In many ways, Megan Hunt and Adam Kay would make a great team.

Doogie Howser, MD – Stream on Hulu

For another hugely entertaining TV show about young doctors doing their best to prove their worth while navigating personal conflicts, Doogie Howser, MD is an absolute appointment. The show is about the comedic exploits of Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris), a medical prodigy who uses his vast intellect to become a licensed doctor.

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The appeal of the premise stems from Doogie’s brilliance as a respected doctor in a hospital setting, which is completely juxtaposed with his painfully awkward teenage years. The show is also very informative for young viewers about medical practices and procedures, giving the show a valuable yet highly enjoyable form of edutainment.

St. Elsewhere – Stream On Hulu

Male doctors line up for a staff photo on St. Elsewhere

A training ground for great actors like Denzel Washington and Howie Mandel, Saint Elsewhere is probably the most definitive American medical comedy ever recorded. Set at St. Elgius University Hospital in Boston’s run-down neighborhood, the show traces the daily personal and professional indiscretions of various medical staff, a premise almost identical to that of This will hurt.

Winner of 13 Primetime Emmys for excellence in all areas, Saint Elsewhere tackles deep issues with a light touch, often setting characters apart with their own unique brand of humor that sets them apart and makes them feel as real and relatable as possible.

Doc Martin – Stream on Acorn TV, Hoopla

Martin wears a stethoscope at the beach on Doc Martin

Whether Saint Elsewhere is the most relevant American medical comedy ever recorded, then Doctor Martin is its British equivalent. Current from 2004 to 2022, Doctor Martin is a hysterical fish out of water tale in which grumpy and socially awkward Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes) moves to idyllic Port Wenn in Cornwall, only to find himself in a series of hilarious misadventures.

With razor-sharp writing, rich characterizations, and a profound statement about the changing medical industry, Doctor Martin is a perfect show to watch alongside This will hurt.

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