10 best TV comedies about terrible people

Sometimes successful comedies have an inherent heart, like Bob’s burgers, or focus on the right people in unexpected situations, like Ted lasso. Other comedies take the darker and often funniest route, featuring the exploits of characters who lack empathy and social mores.

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Selfishness and questionable manners allow the characters to get tangled up and try to get out of the most hilarious situations, and give the shows more leeway to tackle sensitive topics in a humorous way. The most selfish, cruel, and selfish characters are some of the funniest shows on TV.



Elaine, George and Jerry chat with the butler of a Chinese restaurant in Seinfeld

The original “show for nothing” Seinfeld could be considered the godfather of shows about terrible people, inspirational shows like Calm your enthusiasm and It’s always nice in Philadelphia. The sitcom revolves around fictional comedian Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and his friends George, Elaine, and Kramer as they create ridiculous situations out of mundane activities.

The characters’ selfishness and lack of empathy play a big part in countless failed relationships, and by the end of the series, the characters still don’t admit their faults even when locked together in a prison cell. , proving they deserve. SeinfeldThe success of has allowed other sitcoms to have terrible people as the main characters on a network show rather than the supporting characters or villain roles they were previously relegated to on previous shows.

30 Rock

Jack Liz and Kenneth in the 30 Rock Elevator

The original idea of ​​Tina Fey, 30 Rock holds no punches as a comedic sendoff of the inner workings of a network show, loosely based on its time at SNL. The characters have redeeming qualities, and Kenneth is a sweet ray of sunshine among a mass of selfish and hardened New Yorkers. Yet most characters like Jenna Maroney only care about their own careers and embody the showbiz cliché of vain celebrities who care only about themselves.

With Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock Also has an incredible roster of memorable A-List guest stars, including Matt Damon as Lemon’s pilot boyfriend and Steve Buscemi, whose guest role inspired the iconic “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids” meme.

To party

To party is so good that he’s brought back from the dead by Starz for a limited series starring most of the original cast, including Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, and Ken Marino. Running only two short seasons, the show tackles the trope of everyone in Hollywood, including the hired aide, trying to be successful in the business.

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Selfish to the point of parody, the characters are hilariously self-deprecating, and the revolving door of guest stars (like Kevin Hart and Steve Guttenberg) at every catered event opens the door to more ways the band won’t take a break. .



From the twisted genius of Dan Harmon (Rick and morty), Community follows a group of friends from Greendale Community College with a heavy dose of film and pop culture references (usually spoken by Abed) and meta-humor. Beyond the facade of an everlasting and healthy friendship, the study group pals are, well, mean (poor Todd).

Individually, they are narcissistic and egotistical with questionable morals. Jeff is manipulative, Pierce is an unfiltered racist, Shirley barely sees his children, Troy is childish and clings to his past as an HS footballer, Abed is often detached from reality, Annie is a control freak and Britta loves people. gel packs.

Development stopped

The Bluths, beset by Patriarch George Sr.’s bad business relationship, are suddenly robbed of their comfortable and wealthy lifestyle, moving into a model home while trying to get their father out of prison. Smart comedy has layers upon layers of pun-heavy jokes that thrill hardcore Development stopped fans as they watch the Bluths fall apart.

Almost all of the characters are horrible people. Matriarch Lucille is cold and indifferent, although she pampers her youngest son Buster to the point of being a male child. Even the most redeemable of the family, young George Michael, has a crush on his cousin Maeby.

strangers with candy

A riff on extracurricular specials that tackle teenage issues, strangers with candy is an underrated comedy gem starring Amy Sedaris as Jerri Blank, a morally deprived 40-year-old former drug addict who is starting over as a freshman in high school.

In true teenage movie style of the week, each episode takes on tricky topics and ends with an important lesson, which Jerri always misses a mile from. Stephen Colbert stars as Professor Chuck Noblet, who suppresses his love affair with art teacher M. Jellineck, played by co-author and Second City alumnus Paul Dinello.


H Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer, Adam Reed as Ray Gillette, Aisha Tyler as Lana Kane, Chris Parnell as Cyril Figgis Medal Ceremony in Archer Season 12 Episode 1

Detaching from emotional bonds is one of the main themes running through spy stories like James Bond, as having something to lose makes it harder to do whatever it takes to complete the job. The spies must be terrible people to complete the mission and save the world.

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Archer takes that cold indifference and cranks it up a few notches, assembling a spy agency of dishonest narcissists like excessively cruel Malory, mad scientist Krieger and all that Cheryl is. Even main character Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is more concerned with his upcoming cocktail and lavish super-spy lifestyle than the people around him, including the ever-devoted servant Woodhouse.

Reno 911!

Reno 911 Season 7 Cropped Poster

A false documentary in the same vein Office and Parks and recreation, now classic comedy Reno 911! follows the inept Sheriff’s Department of Reno, Nevada, with COPS-style bust scenes. State alumni and creators Kerri Kenney, Thomas Lennon, and Robert Ben Garant are also key players in the heavily improved comedy.

The hilarious situations that arise from the team’s incompetence and ignorance are as funny as Lieutenant Dangle’s shorts are short. The show has a rabid fan base, which has resulted in numerous covers, including the recently released special. Reno 911! The hunt for QAnon on Paramount +.

Children’s hospital

Yes emergency and Grey’s Anatomy had a baby, and this baby watched IASIP 24/7/365, you could get Children’s hospital. Created by and performed by Rob Cordry, the show takes absurd humor to the extreme.

Set in a hospital for sick children, this short comedy revolves around a cast of doctors so caught up in their own drama that they neglect the medically fragile young people they care for. Starring an incredible cast of celebrity comedies including Ken Marino, Megan Mullaly, Michael Cera and Henry Winkler, Children’s hospital also spawned the Netflix spin-off Medical police.

It’s always nice in Philadelphia

Charlie Day as Charlie Kelly and Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds in It's Always Nice in Philadelphia

Just when viewers think Frank, Dennis, Dee, Mac, and Charlie have gone out of their way to send them to jail, they come up with an even crazier ploy that spirals out of control.

After 15 seasons, it’s safe to say the Gang are the absolute worst. They are selfish, delusional, and lack any capacity for compassion for their fellow human beings, which contributes to some of the funniest television moments of all time. IASIP Takes all sensitive topics with the same irreverence, and fans love them for it.

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