10 Dramatic Movies With A Horrifying Scene That Completely Changes The Tone

Content Warning: The following article contains discussions/depictions of sexual violence, racism, genocide, bloodshed, child deaths, and suicide.

Blond is an upcoming 2022 drama film that is already creating controversy due to its NC-17 rating, which means this reimagining of the life of Marilyn Monroe will count with one or more gruesome scenes in the middle of the so-called earth story. -down. Choosing to add shock to drama is often tied to controversy and unnecessary hints of horror, but in many cases such scenes provide a significant tonal shift in a film’s narrative.

From light-hearted stories to films that convey a constant feeling that something bad is about to happen, these films share in common a vital scene where everything changes, usually due to its violent appeal or biting tension.


Paranoid Park (2007)

paranoid park is one of the most intimate coming-of-age films, dealing with themes often overlooked in films of the genre such as guilt and loneliness. The film follows a teenage skateboarder struggling with his parents’ divorce and his love affairs, while becoming involved in the mysterious death of a security guard.

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The film’s delicate approach changes tone when the security guard’s death is detailed on screen. As Alex remembers it while jumping on moving trains with other skateboarders, they are spotted by the guard. As Alex tries to let go of the man, he trips the guard and cuts him in half by a train. The scene becomes even more gruesome as he crawls with his innards exposed towards Alex, who watches the scene in silent shock.

Jojo Rabbit (2019)

Jojo tying his mother's corpse shoes

One of Taika Waititi’s best films, JoJo Rabbit engages in discussing controversial themes such as Hitler’s influence on an entire generation, especially children. The protagonist is the little boy Jojo, who sees Hitler as his hero, troubled by his mother’s decision to hide a Jewish girl in their house. Fighting the oppressive influence of the Nazis on Germany during World War II, JoJo Rabbit The tone changes completely when Jojo comes across his mother hanging from a gallows for the audience, which viewers and the boy can tell just by looking at her distinct shoes.

It’s a subtle but still deeply moving and heartbreaking scene, as Jojo rushes to tie her mother’s shoes to show that he’s grown now, referencing their close relationship that came to an abrupt end.

Waves (2019)

Tyler and his girlfriend in Waves

Waves is a family drama divided into two parts. The first follows eldest son Tyler struggling with an agonizing injury that threatens to end his athletic career, and the second focuses on his younger sister Emily, a teenage girl whose reality forces her to mature. The two sides are divided by a terrifying tragedy that occurs right in between. In an intense argument with his pregnant girlfriend, she slaps Tyler and he punches her back, killing her and the baby she was carrying.

The film led to Tyler’s breakdown, but no one expected it to be so devastating. Following Tyler’s arrest, the film’s depressing first half gives space to Emily’s story, as she continues out of sight due to her brother’s horrific act. In a delicate new tale that feels like the calm after the storm, Emily experiences her first love and reconnects with her estranged family.

The Fallout (2022)

Vada and Mia in the bathroom

Anyone who starts looking The consequences without prior knowledge of its plot is caught off guard from the first 10 minutes of the film. On a typical school day, a gunman runs amok in the hallways and starts shooting everyone. three figures who were in the bathroom at the time lock themselves in it, while listening to the horrific sounds of the tragedy happening next door.

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The three characters develop a strong bond created due to the traumatic experience they shared, and the film tackles coming-of-age themes haunted by a tragedy that shouldn’t be a part of any teenager’s life. . The consequences takes its time to recover from the shocking first moments, gradually giving way to a delicate story about self-discovery.

First reformed (2017)

Ethan Hawke in First Reformed

First reformed is one of the best films starring Ethan Hawke, who delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as Pastor Ernst Toller, a man who finds his faith dissipated after a life-changing encounter with the unpredictable environmental activist Michael and his pregnant wife Mary.

The film presents viewers with the world as a hellish, helpless scenario where faith means everything and nothing at all simultaneously. First reformed conveys an apathetic and cold atmosphere from the start, but things get really dark when Pastor Toller grows closer to Michael, who is soon found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The gruesome scene marks the beginning of Pastor Toller’s downfall, as he begins to see the fragile world unraveling around him.

The Nightingale (2018)

The Nightingale is the kind of drama film that borders on horror, especially because of the shocking events that take place in the first hour. In Tasmania in 1825, a young Irish convict, Clare, lives a quiet life with her family until she comes up against a ruthless British officer. Visited by her men at night, she is raped and witnesses the brutal murder of her husband and newborn child.

In the aftermath, sweet and innocent Clare is overcome with anger and sets off in pursuit of the officers who assaulted her and her family in a desperate plan for revenge. Accompanied by an Aboriginal tracker, Clare is drawn into a brutal reality she’s never known, as the film deals with Australia’s violent past in a gritty and hard-hitting way.

Bacura (2019)

Bacura (2019)

Bacura is a Brazilian film that created a lot of hype at Cannes 2019, mixing a bunch of different genres to encapsulate a clever social commentary on imperialism and the value of cultural roots. It begins as an intriguing drama set in the small town of Bacurau. After noticing that their community has disappeared from most maps, the residents begin to witness a series of bizarre events that mobilize all of its inhabitants.

Before turning to carnage, Bacura builds the looming danger that surrounds the city into a gruesome scene, as children gather at night to play a game to see who goes the farthest in the dark. As a brave child crosses the black field with his flashlight, the flickering light reveals a man hidden in the field, who murders the child with a silent gunshot.

Trainspotting (1996)

Trainspotting sets out to explore the downfall of the younger generation in the 90s in a series of miserable and chaotic events. Following a group immersed in Edinburgh’s drugs scene, small isolated incidents spin out of control as protagonist Mark Renton tries to come clean and lead a better life.

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While Mark’s scene in “the worst toilet in Scotland” is pretty disgusting, it doesn’t have the gruesome impact of the scene where the band finds one of their dead baby. The sound of the mother screaming in anguished despair only makes things worse.

American History X (1998)

Derek in Jail 2 American History X

American History X presents hatred at its extreme, casting Edward Norton as the terrifying Derek, a neo-Nazi with anti-Semitic tattoos spread all over his body. Fresh out of prison, he tries to disentangle himself from his band and prevent his brother from taking the same path of hatred as him.

The scene that reveals what landed Derek in prison is horrifying and marks a turning point in the film’s narrative. When a group of black men from a street gang try to steal Derek’s truck, he shoots them and tramples one of them. While the scene isn’t necessarily graphic, the buildup is extremely uncomfortable, as a close-up of the man’s teeth screaming on the sidewalk makes every viewer look away in horror.

127 Hours (2010)

127 hour trapped scene

127 hoursThe gruesome scene of was meant to happen, but not a single person was ready for the graphic appeal of it, which drove many people out of cinemas in 2010. The film tells the real story of a mountaineer. Aron Ralston as he finds himself trapped under a rock while canyoning alone in a desert, resorting to desperate measures to survive.

After six days trapped with scarce supplies and his arm under the rock, Aron realizes the only possible way to survive. In one of the most difficult scenes to watch ever, he shatters his arm bones and desperately amputates his arm by sawing it off with a small, blunt knife. It’s intense, graphic and will forever be etched in the minds of viewers.

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