10 Feelgood movies to watch right now on Sky Cinema / Now TV

For Sky Cinema / Now TV customers, there are hundreds of great movies to watch right now. But it can be difficult to pick just one to sit on and watch. Relax, let Top 10 movies do the job for you as we recommend 10 great wellness movies to watch on Sky Cinema / Now TV right now.

Horrible bosses

WHY: Jennifer Aniston has never been so funny; adult-only laughing comedy

Jennifer aniston finally play a character who is not a version of her Friends the character of Rachel Green. Horrible bosses, an adult-only comedy about a group of friends who decide to murder their evil managers sees Aniston play the sex-obsessed Doctor Julia Harris. Her risky, pragmatic approach to “managing people” is the funniest thing she’s ever done.

Warm down

Hot Fuzz - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

WHY: A hilarious addition to the Cornetto trilogy that also includes Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End

Simon pegg and Nick Frost’s face off against the cop boyfriend american comedy film is a delightful rural adventure from the team that gave us Shaun of the Dead. He is delightfully funny and prides himself on the charms of his two adorable lead roles.

Italian work

WHY: Classic Crime Capers with Iconic Car Pursuit

Italian work is a classic caper flick that will thrill fans of car chase flicks and comedy flicks like ocean 11. The escape sequence involving the Mini Cooper is thrilling, endlessly entertaining and very British. Michael caine is also brilliant in the film.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show, Suburbia In Peril, Jim Carrey,

WHY: Fun and thought-provoking comedy-drama and possibly Jim Carrey’s best film

Jim Carrey’s career may have taken a plunge from the heights of his 1990s prowess when he released films like Liar Liar, Ace Ventura and Stupid and even more stupid but dating back to 1998 with a watch from The Truman Show reminds us of what a talented actor he was (and still is). This comedy-satire and sci-fi drama is a fascinating and avant-garde film about a man (Carrey) who continues to live his life without knowing that everything is being filmed for television. Everyone in his life, including his wife, is an actor, while the world he believes to be real is in fact a giant movie set.

groundhog day

Bill Murray, Groundhog Day - Top 10 Movies

WHY: One of the best comedies ever made with the incomparable Bill Murray

One of the funniest comedies of the 90s, groundhog day has quickly established itself among audiences as one of the great happy movies and the go-to movie for quick solace. Bill Murray is brilliant as cranky meteorologist Phil Connors who has to live the same day over and over again. The film never tells you why or how the day repeats itself, but that is not the point. As Connors begins to see the error of his manners, he begins to have a useful influence on the lives of those he meets on an ongoing basis every day. The movie is It’s a wonderful life meets Scrooge and that’s guaranteed to make you feel good!

Shirley valentine

Shirley Valentine - Brits On Vacation

WHY: Woman finds adventure and romance later in life in this whimsical comedy

Pauline Collins delivers a wonderful performance as a bored housewife from Liverpool who unusually leaves her family indifferent behind and travels to Mykonos in Greece with her friend Jane (played by the brilliant Alison steadman). Based on a one-character play by Willy russell (who also wrote the equally nuanced and funny Educate Rita), Shirley valentine is an intelligently crafted and entertaining tale of a woman who discovers adventure and romance later in life.

About a boy

About a boy, Hugh Grant,

WHY: The joy of living is discovered by a bored single and a troubled teenager thanks to their unlikely but heartwarming friendship

About a boy follows the exploits of Will (Hugh grant) and Marcus (Nicolas hoult), an unlikely couple who become friends after Will helps Marcus’ mother following a suicide attempt. Will is stuck in his ways – a bachelor who likes relationships to last overnight. Marcus is a struggling 12-year-old boy who has no father to look up to and struggles to make friends at school. The film watches these two disparate entities find new life through their budding friendship. Poignant, funny and well written.

Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler - Happy Gilmore

WHY: Adam Sandler has rarely been this funny

Although the character is ostensibly a lucky individual, Sandler’s failed ice hockey player faces the emotional hardships of a mistaken belief in his hockey skills, which leads him to live with the regret of never being turned professional.

His fortune may be turned when he discovers he can use his powerful “slap shot” on the golf course, hitting a ball much farther than any pro. While his beloved grandmother needs some quick cash to save her house from the IRS, Gilmore decides to participate in professional golf tournaments to earn some cash.

His bad etiquette (including throwing a flag at a TV cameraman and punching fists with the game show host Bob barker) captures the attention of the television viewing audience and he becomes a celebrity overnight.

The great Lebowski

The Great Lebowski, Film, Jeff Bridges, Coen

WHY: A twisted and hilarious comedy from the quirky imaginations of writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen

Join Bridges’ drunken jester “the Dude”, his white Russian and his bowling buddies for a case of mistaken identity in this visually unforgettable and endlessly funny comedy that ranks as one of the best movies the Coens have ever made .

The film sees Jeff Lebowski, a scruffy, lazy and unemployed bum, mistakenly robbed by a group believing he is a millionaire of the same name. Annoyed that his carpet has been soiled by the bad guys, Jeff visits his namesake for compensation. This unintentionally sets off a flood of unfortunate, out of control, and often hilarious, events.

Coming to America

Top 10 Eddie Murphy's Movies (… or a list of movies before Eddie Murphy lost the ability to make you laugh) - Top 10 Movies

WHY: Eddie Murphy in great shape

Eddie murphy was great in Stock markets but that’s where he excels. Indeed, Coming to America presents one of his greatest creations – Randy Watson – the obnoxious singer who performs “Greatest Love of All” at the Black Awareness Rally. Skillfully supported by Arsène room (who, like Murphy, plays multiple characters), Coming to America is a well-being comedy that can be seen endlessly.

A predictable and somewhat weary plot – a wealthy African prince becomes a fish out of water in America as he searches for a bride who will love him no matter how rich she is – is carried on by his tongue-in-cheek satire and the brilliance of Murphy to enlarge characters that are both hilarious and adorable.