10 funniest Christmas movies to watch during the holidays

Every year during the holidays, fans return to familiar Christmas movies to re-explore childhood classics and modern favorites that make their way into the annual rotation of the marathon. Christmas movies can appear in all kinds of genres, although there is something particularly refreshing about comedic holiday movies.

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Christmas comedies typically explore familiar holiday concepts in fun new ways, whether through modern re-imaginations of classic tales or relevant examinations of unique family dynamics. Moviegoers have so many options to choose from at Christmas, so there are plenty of the most hilarious options for fans looking to laugh this holiday season.

ten How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a modern remake of the beloved cartoon


Jim Carrey played the titular Grinch in the modern adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss Christmas story. It was then made into a beloved animated short in 1966 and has been shown on television every year for decades.

2000s How the Grinch stole Christmas, from director Ron Howard, expanded on the original story and focused on the life of the Grinch. The Grinch was wonderfully animated by Jim Carrey and an amazing makeup team. While there have been quite a few adaptations of the Christmas story, Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch stole Christmas is hands down the funniest take.

9 Krampus is a horror comedy that explores the dark side of Christmas

While most Christmas lovers know the legend of Santa Claus, the darkest story told around the holidays has not been presented on the big screen as much. 2015 Krampus brought together a fun selection of actors for the horror comedy that explored the titular creature’s story from European folklore.

While Krampus traditionally travels with St. Nick to scare naughty children, Krampus featured a killer version of the legend. This fan-beloved version of Santa Claus made his way through a neighborhood before setting his sights on a dysfunctional family whose son had lost his Christmas spirit.

8 Home Alone has become a comedic favorite over the holidays

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone

90s Alone at home starred Macaulay Culkin as the misunderstood young child of a large family who finds himself left behind during the Christmas season. He is forced to defend himself and his house against a pair of burglars who have set their sights on his neighborhood while everyone else is away partying.

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Alone at home explores family issues that can arise during the Christmas season. Corn Alone at home is also filled with laughter, as the young child adjusts to life on his own before embarking on a light war on burglars with a house full of traps and dangerous pranks.

seven National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a Hilarious Vacation Classic

the Holidays National Lampoon’s series has followed the Griswold family on a number of hilarious vacations. None are as memorable as the years 1989 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo as the Griswolds.

Christmas holidays explores Clark Griswold’s attempts to organize the perfect vacation dinner with the extended family. Christmas holidays sees him compete with his neighbors’ Christmas lights and spend a day sledding down the hill like only a Griswold can.

6 A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas ended the franchise with holiday cheer

Very Harold and Kumar Christmas scene

the Harold and Kumar franchise started out as a stoner comedy with a heart. He followed two recreational marijuana users as they navigated their lives, work and relationships. 2011 closed the trilogy with A very Harold & Kumar Christmas, who brought distant friends together for a number of vacation excursions.

A very Harold & Kumar Christmas is filled with Christmas cheer and unforgettable tributes to stop-motion Christmas specials. It features humor typical for late night comedy, so fans of Harold and Kumar and other similar films will enjoy the festive film.

5 Santa has hilariously reinvented the legend of Jolly Old St. Nick

from disney Santa starred Tim Allen as the toy marketer who accidentally knocked Santa off his roof and disappeared, leaving him to don the costume and take on the duties of Santa. After a successful Christmas night, he is taken to the North Pole with his young son where he learns of the existence of a binding clause which makes him the new Santa Claus.

He spent the next year of his life hilariously transforming into a cheerful character against his will. Santa has become a Christmas favorite that has launched a movie franchise for anyone looking to binge on a holiday comedy series.

4 Bad Santa proves that not all holiday comedies need to be family friendly


Billy Bob Thornton performed in the 2003s Bad santa claus as a professional thief and devoted alcoholic who uses his position as Santa Claus in a department store to rob the stores he works in during the holidays. The R-rated comedy isn’t your typical family vacation flick, though the Christmas spirit is on full display as it begins to warm the heart of the depressed thief.

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Not only does he find love with a local bar owner, but he also begins to mentor a troubled young boy who lives alone with his elderly grandmother in a house the thief chooses to crash into for the holidays. Bad santa claus has managed to become a seasonal favorite due to its scorching comedy and surprisingly candid narrative.

3 A Christmas story is a beloved favorite about a boy’s holiday struggles

the years 1983 A Christmas story is a vacation favorite that has been enjoyed by families every year, though not the usual happy family story. The narrator remembers one Christmas when he was younger and his wishes for a BB pistol that he had been warned about by his family and even Santa Claus.

He is also forced to avoid a bully as other members of the neighborhood face a number of hilarious scenarios. Relatable history and dark humor have elevated A Christmas story for Christmas fans looking for something a little different from their selection of holiday movies.

2 Scrooged adds a modern and dark touch to the classic story of a Christmas carol

Bill Murray in Scrooged (1988)

The classic story of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol received a modern touch in the 1988s Shaved with Bill Murray. Shaved follows an indifferent television network executive that broadcasts the Charles Dickens story live. He is forced to relive important and regrettable moments in his life after triggering a series of events with an armed and disgruntled employee.

He was guided on his journey through his past by three hilarious reimaginings of Christmas ghosts past, present and future, which made Shaved the favorite choice of some vacation fans with a taste for dark comedy.

1 Elf is by far one of the funniest Christmas movies to enjoy this holiday

Will Ferrell as an elf

Will Ferrell performed in the 2003s Elf as Buddy, a human who was raised in the North Pole after slipping into Santa’s bag on a trip to deliver gifts to an orphanage. Buddy travels to New York City to find his biological father (who is on the villain list) so he can find out where he belongs in the world.

Elf is a heartwarming family tale that’s filled with laughter from the always pleasant Ferrell. Elf Buddy hilariously tries to adapt to big city life and win over his dad while keeping the Christmas spirit alive to help fuel Santa’s sleigh and save the holidays.

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