10 MTV Scripted Shows People Forgot About

MTV made itself popular at the time with its musical selections and reality TV shows aimed at a specific audience. As its music and reality TV offerings skyrocketed, it took the network a while to find its footing with scripted TV series.

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Some of these shows were short-lived and their cancellations caused them to be forgotten. Whether they were ahead of their time or just not suitable for the network, these scripted series were worth remembering. In the end, MTV turned things around with fan favorite, Teen Wolf. Either way, these scripted series deserve a chance to be found by new audiences because they deserve to be remembered.


Scream: The TV Series

Ghostface from the TV series Scream holding a knife.

In 2015, MTV aired the TV version of the slasher classic, Yell. It had the same elements of a masked killer named ghost-face, but it had a different female lead. The story was a more modern twist and each season a new killer appeared. Scream: The TV Series finally decided to change it in their last season by adding new characters. And it was their last season.

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The actors were newcomers and there were enough stories for each of them. Each season ended with some sort of twist on who the killer was and fans of each season dreaded if their favorite Yell the characters were on the list. Viewers may have overlooked this one as it wasn’t the original franchise.

Finding Carter

Finding Carter

Finding Carter aired in 2014 and centered on a teenage girl named Carter Stevens. She learns that she was kidnapped by a woman who appeared to be her mother. She struggled to adjust to her new life and the mother she thought she knew. The series only lasted 2 seasons.

The premise was interesting and original for MTV. Finding Carter had the same tone as teen dramas aired on other networks but for some reason didn’t reach the audience it thought it could. Finding Carter they weren’t talked about much and were most likely competing with more popular shows of the time. It just didn’t work.

happy land

Happyland Cast Image

happy land was a teen comedy series that aired in 2014. It captured the life of a teenage girl named Lucy Velez who spent most of her life at an amusement park called “Happyland”. It was centered on his mother and his friends who work at the park.

The series was very short-lived despite the heartfelt potential it might have had. This TV series didn’t do well with fans, but fans of the show wished there was more to Lucy’s story as the show ended with a plot. Many viewers may have forgotten about this series because it was so short.


This 2012 comedy series followed the lives of a group of friends who, after the heights of college achievement, find themselves struggling with dead-end jobs and real-life expenses like having a baby. Unfortunately, the series only had 12 episodes.

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While the TV series wasn’t as memorable, it still had a lot of heart and relatable moments from the characters. It’s one of MTV’s forgotten shows and along with many others, it didn’t last long enough to build a fan base like many others.

The difficult times of RJ Berger

The difficult times of RJ Berger

This steamy MTV series was about the misfortune of a teenager RJ Berger. RJ was a self-proclaimed underdog who had a crush on the popular girl and had to deal with her life without incident. An incident at school makes him the talk of the school later and his luck seems to slowly turn around. The show was unique for sure and had some hidden details that MTV fans missed.

The series was not very successful and therefore did not last long. He didn’t leave such a big mark on MTV. This TV series was an attempt at a new comedy series that would win the hearts of fans, but most people didn’t give the show a chance and might not find it as funny, but rather cliched.


Image of the cast of US Inbetweeners

In 2012, MTV premiered this cover of the hit British sitcom, Intermediate. For fans unfamiliar with the British show, it was about a group of teenagers who find each other company because they have the same social status. They experience love, parties and a return to themselves.

Fans of the original series didn’t appreciate the remake and it could have resulted in the show’s demise. Although it was short lived anyway. Fans may remember this one a bit because of the backlash, but that was a while ago. It didn’t leave much of an impression and became one of the many failed scripted television shows that MTV had.


semblance was a comedy series centered on the lives of two high school best friends named Karma and Amy. They manage to trick their entire school into thinking they’re a couple so they can be popular. The series was a fun and heartfelt MTV show.

It had a decent fanbase and managed to last 3 seasons on the network, but it didn’t get much attention after that. Although the quirky teen show was well-received at first, it fell flat towards the end of the 3rd season and the creators didn’t bring it back for a 4th. Most MTV fans may have forgotten about this show, but it was the most memorable scripted show it had.



sweet vicious was a more recent MTV scripted series that aired in 2016. It was about sorority girl Jules Thomas dealing with the aftermath of her sexual assault by eventually teaming up with fellow student Ophelia Mayer. These unlikely friends come together to get revenge on all the sexual predators at their school.

Even though this show was ahead of its time and powerful, it only lasted one season. Many people do not remember this series, despite the relevant topic. It also received mixed reviews from MTV viewers. Eventually, the show ended, despite a push for another network to pick it up from fans.


via really late reviews

Awkward was one of MTV’s most successful non-reality TV shows. It was about 16-year-old Jenna Hamilton and her life after dealing with an accident that led people to believe she attempted suicide. It had some of the best episodes, according to IMDb. Awkward was an original dark comedy with lots of real awkward scenes.

MTV fans may have forgotten about it because it’s been over 10 years since it aired. It had no major big names and was one of many scripted MTV shows at the same time focusing on teens. Even though he had a fan base that managed to take the show to 5 seasons, he was forgotten in pop culture even though he was highly regarded.

I just want my pants back

Based on a fictional novel of the same name, this MTV series was about 20-year-old Jason Strider and his three friends living in New York after college. He goes looking for a girl he spent the night with to get his pants back.

I just want my pants back was unique and witty. However, it wasn’t long before the show was fully aired. Most people probably forgot about this one, but it aired on MTV in 2011 and lasted for one season.

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