10 Reasons Redditors Will Instantly Stop Watching a TV Show or Movie

Despite some success with blockbuster movies this summer, like Thor: Love and Thunder and Top Gun: Maverick, which brought a ton of people back to theaters, not everyone has quite reignited their passion for the movies. And with so many TV shows on screen than ever before, it can even be difficult for viewers to choose a good box set to binge.

Some people have been voicing their opinions on Reddit about what’s stopping them from continuing to watch their favorite and most anticipated movies and TV series. And while some of these opinions may not be popular with everyone, others are sure to be relatable.


It doesn’t grab them after 4 episodes

With so many TV shows competing against each other on streaming services and network TV, it’s hard to binge on so many great series in a week. But a Reddit user might just have a good idea when it comes to deciding which ones to keep going and which ones to drop.

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Editor lamp files believes that giving a show four episodes before deciding whether to stay or go is the best approach because it “gives the show enough time to find its rhythm and I kind of get an idea of ​​where it’s going the broadcast”. They have used Lost as an example, and using their system, they were hooked before they got to the fourth episode.

It makes them feel mentally drained

While many shows can act as a form of escapism, others can give some people watching at home negative feelings. Whether it’s a news show or a reality show focused on celebrity culture, not everything can make people feel like they’ve had a positive break from reality.

And it had an impact tygertje, as they took time off from television for a week to see how they felt. The reasons? One was that they “always felt mentally drained” and thought it was “caused by today’s TV culture”.

They lose interest in a franchise

Everyone has a favorite franchise they’ve stuck with for years, following all about its rich history, iconic characters, and gripping storylines. But some have ditched their favorite film and TV franchises after feeling like they’ve reached their peak, including Redditor the_responsible_monkey feels about the current state of the MCU.

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“I’ve been a big fan of the MCU ever since. Iron Man came out in 2008.” But over time, it seems they and other Redditors felt that “those movies are starting to not feel special anymore. Not to mention, there’s so many different things being produced between TV and movies now.” As the MCU continues to evolve and find large-scale success, it’s clearly not for all long-time followers. term.

They stop just before the end

It’s hard for some people to know that their favorite TV show or movie franchise is coming to an end, as they have to say goodbye to the characters they’ve fallen in love with over the years. Some people may even hold themselves back from continuing or finishing a show so they always have something to come back to.

One of these individuals is sneakersancienchucks, who thinks it’s “out of fear of that shitty feeling of emptiness you get when something you love is over.” They mention Bojack Riderwhile they had “five episodes left two or three years ago” to complete the anime series.

They have a short attention span

With social media and video streaming services like YouTube and TikTok providing small-scale entertainment, many with short attention spans prefer short content that’s easily digestible, and TV shows and movies can be a bit too long.


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An appointed editor lemony loser was one such person, and mentions that they have a “common practice of watching a picture-in-picture YouTube video while window shopping online and petting my cats.” So when they try to watch a movie, they have to do it in “15 minute increments” and the writing time has “sort of worked out”.

They prefer to play video games

There are plenty of entertainments to choose from and one of the most popular ways to pass the time is to play video games. With so many retro classics and modern hits to choose from, many people have at least one game they like to play to decompress.

Some even prefer this activity to watching movies and TV shows, like BournbonGuy09who said in her post, “I think it develops more skill than dropping in front of a TV and turning off your brain for hours.”

They think YouTube is better than TV and movies

Short video content on YouTube has found a large audience with those who prefer music videos and shorts over TV series and movies. Many prefer to enjoy streaming these types of videos rather than other forms of media and KingDDDfan is one of them.

“TV is fine. But I feel like it’s dying out, there’s a lot more entertaining stuff to watch on YouTube than what’s shown on the big screen.” With a wide variety of content created by individuals and major studios, many appreciate what YouTube has to offer.

They’d rather see Sports IRL than watch it on TV

For many people, their favorite part of television is its biggest sporting events. Whether it’s football, boxing or motorsport, some will go out of their way to watch their favorite sports on TV with a good drink in a relaxing chair.

But there are those who enjoy watching the game in person in a stadium full of fans and supporters of their beloved teams. Humphrind shared his opinion in the comments section of a Reddit post, saying “you can’t beat the energy of going to a game.”

They’re tired of classic movies

Today, many modern big-budget films can provide a wide range of entertainment for audiences of all ages. This summer only saw people like Minions: The Rise of Gruand Jurassic World: Dominionproviding different experiences for everyone who has been to the theatre.

An editor in chief, tikhung01, said they are bored with movies now. “There are plenty of classics that I haven’t seen (rear window, Revelation now, etc) but I can’t finish them. Right now I have five movies that I watched for 15-20 minutes and then turned them off because I was so bored.”

With so many ways to keep people entertained, it’s easy for anyone to get stuck in a rut, whether it’s watching TV shows or playing video games for hours on end. While tikhung01 expressed his concern that he no longer cares about the movies, some people took to the comments section to show their support.

A Reddit user named janiqua believes who suffer from burnout and others agree. The cure? “Don’t watch a movie for about a week and you’ll want to watch another one.”

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