10 Reasons The Gotham Knights Series Will Fail

Gotham Knights is a television series that will air on the CW in April 2023. The series is unrelated to the Gotham Knights video game, which is slated for release on October 25. The TV series will follow Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, Turner Hayes, as he joins forces with others to solve his father’s murder and fix corruption in Gotham.

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Gotham Knights‘ The first trailer, which was released last week, was met with criticism from critics and fans alike. Many criticized the cheap Batman suit and generic plot. Yet another entry in the list of CW superhero shows, Gotham Knights looks like another attempt by The CW to recapture the magic of the Arrowverse. Many fans believe that the series will lack success for various reasons.

ten No Damien Wayne or other Mainline Robin

With any story that follows Batman’s disappearance or death, fans will tune in to see other members of the Bat-Family learning to live without the Caped Crusader. The whole premise of Gotham Knights The video game is based on this and follows Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon as they team up to defend Gotham in the absence of the Dark Knight.

Rather than going that route or using Batman’s son in the comics, the showrunners created Turner Hayes and use Carrie Kelly, Frank Miller’s Robin. Black Knight comics. Sadly, Hayes doesn’t bring anything new to the table, he’s not a Robin, and he didn’t even know Bruce Wayne was Batman.

9 This story has already been explored in Batwoman

If fans want a show that explores Gotham in Batman’s absence, the CW has done it with Batwoman. The show, which initially followed Kate Kane taking on the role of Batwoman, ran for three seasons on the network.

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The show struggled to keep viewers hooked and that, combined with behind-the-scenes issues and allegations of an unsafe work environment for former lead actor Ruby Rose, led to the cancellation of Batwoman.Gotham Knights will have obvious storyline changes as the series is unrelated to batmanbut Batman fans have already seen a show that explores Gotham without Bruce Wayne.

8 Batman’s cowl and costume aren’t the best

The MCU has raised the bar for superhero movies and TV shows, and HBOMax, Disney+, and Amazon have raised the bar even higher. Fans expect high-quality superhero content, and anything that looks cheap is an immediate red flag for fans. There were two red flags in the Gotham Knights trailer, the first being a dead Batman who appeared to be wearing only a standard costume and a Batman cowl.

There may be a twist coming later in the series to explain this part of the trailer. As of now, however, the cowl looks like a lazy attempt at a Batman costume. The other red flag was the reveal of the Batman cowl at the end of the trailer, which looked more like a DIY mask than a DC production.

seven The Gotham Knights video game will be released months before the series

One of the biggest things working against the Gotham Knights The TV series is the video game of the same name, slated for release in October 2022. The game, part of the highly successful Arkhamverse, will contribute to an oversaturation of Batman content, especially in terms of post-Batman Gotham stories. .

A story already explored in batman will be redone in the Gotham Knights Game. The creators of the series tried to innovate, creating Turner Hayes as an all-new protagonist, but the overall story and theme are the same. As is Gotham Knights the series may be in the shadow of the video game.

6 The series is not connected to a multiverse or the Arrowverse

In the modern era of superhero television, everything has to be connected. The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed the landscape of superhero media in 2008, and fans haven’t looked back since.

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The days of Smallville having an entire universe contained in one show is over, and fans want crossovers, cameos, and connections across multiple shows. Gotham Knights just doesn’t have that, and while expansion is certainly possible in the future, it looks like the show will stand on its own for now.

5 The trailer revealed a lot of the plot

The trailer for Gotham Knights the series felt more like an episode recap than a preview of everything the show has to offer. The trailer delved into Turner Hayes and the conspiracy surrounding Batman’s death. The audience was also introduced to Harvey Dent as well as the suspects in Bruce Wayne’s murder, including the twist that Turner Hayes is under arrest.

Fans even see the plot unfold as the cops attack Hayes and the others. What happens next is a mystery and there’s some intrigue, but the trailer revealed some key twists. This will hurt Gotham Knights long-term.

4 The Court of Owls type of plot has been exaggerated

It’s still not clear if Gotham Knights will follow the Court of Owls, but it explores the city-wide corruption and conspiracy that has been seen repeatedly in recent years. Gotham is certainly a corrupt city with the powers that be working behind the scenes to maintain power, but Batman fans have already seen their fair share of this take on Gotham.

Gotham explored this directly with a scenario from Court of Owls and The Batman also focused on citywide corruption and conspiracy. There are still ways to Gotham Knights to differentiate itself from those projects, but that will be another story about Gotham’s corruption.

3 The cast of characters could be stronger

When adapting comic books for television or film, the inclusion of well-known characters helps capture the attention of fans who want to see their favorite hero in live action. Gotham Knights already missed an opportunity by creating Turner Hayes instead of using Damien Wayne, and the rest of the characters are low level characters.

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Misha Collins as Harvey Dent stars in Gotham Knights, but even Two-Face has gotten a bit overdone in recent memory. Other characters included in the series are Harper Row, Stephanie Brown, and Duela Dent. Some members of the Bat-Family are included, but none of the main actors that fans would connect with.

2 The superhero TV market is more competitive than ever

The world of superheroes has changed dramatically since then. Smallville first aired in 2001. The CW was once the go-to network for live superhero shows, but now other streaming services have joined the fray and created several popular superhero shows.

Amazon flipped the superhero genre with Jhe boys and Invincible, and Disney+ is continuing the MCU with shows like Loki and What if…?. HBOMax is even producing additional DC content, such as Peacemaker. Gotham Knights will certainly have its hands full if it wants to compete in this market.

1 The Arrowverse/CW style has been overtaken

When the CW created Smallville, it set the standard for superhero shows and continued that standard with the Arrowverse. Campy, low-budget shows were accepted by fans because they were enjoyable, but Netflix daredevil topped these shows with its high production quality.

daredevilThe high-octane action, bright script, and darker themes also set a new standard for superhero shows, a standard that has been matched by series like The boys and Wanda Vision. Gotham Knights it looks like it would fit right into the Arrowverse, but that style is a thing of the past.