3 K-Dramas with the longest episodic season


The biggest draw to Korean dramas is that they typically only last a season or up to 16 episodes. Just as some K-dramas break the rule and have fewer episodes and shorter seasons, some K-dramas exceed the number of episodes. In most cases, these K-Dramas are considered sitcoms or are rooted around a family storyline. Even non-K-Drama fans will be amazed to learn how many episodes have aired in a season and labeled as the “oldest” in history.

K-drama ‘Hearts of Nineteen’ main character poster | via KBS

‘Hearts of Nineteen’ has 167 episodes in one season

Hearts of nineteen is a longest-running K drama worthy of a frenzy with much needed romance, comedy, and drama. Yang Gook-hwa (Ku Hye-sun) leaves the country for Seoul to marry the much-respected son of a family. Upon arrival, she discovers that he died in a car accident. Gook-hwa takes the opportunity to rebuild his life in the city. A wealthy family welcomes him. Heart of Nineteen has different stories but focuses on Gook-hwa and his growing relationship with Park Yoon-hoo (Seo Ji-seok)

The drama aired in 2006 and ended airing in 2007. In one year of airing, it aired 167 episodes in total. Instead of doing separate seasons, K-dramas or sitcoms air a new episode every day of the week.

At Reddit, one fan commented, “I don’t know why, but I’m so glad they didn’t. Especially for daily dramas or sitcoms, which have new episodes 5 days a week in Korea. A show that takes 9 months to fully air in Korea would take 6-7 years with only 1 episode / week to air in the United States. Fans don’t have to wait a tense week to see the plot continue.

“Heaven & Earth” addresses love, in-laws and new romances


K-Drama characters “Heaven & Earth” | via KBS

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Heaven earth focuses on Jung Mu-young (Park Hae-jin). Mu-young was placed in the care of Kim Tae-shik (Jung Han-yong) and his wife, Park Myung-ja (Jung Ae-ri). Her mother promises to return someday but never does. Mu-young is treated as part of the family but still provokes heckling and rebellion.

He meets Seok Ji-soo (Han Hyo-joo) with a good family and a good heart. Afraid of his feelings, he creates a distance between them. Years later, Jin-soo works for Myung-ja’s sister. She also learns that her single father has fallen in love with her. K-drama fans will recognize actor Park for his role in the short Seven first kisses. Heaven earth made the list one of the oldest K-dramas with 167 episodes in one season.

‘Likeable or Not’ is the longest-running K-drama worth watching

KBS K-drama

The main female character of K-drama “Likeable or Not” via KBS

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The late 2000s took the cake for older K-dramas. In 2007 Friendly or not created 172 episodes in one season until 2008. The storyline centers around Na Dan-poong (Han Ji-hye) and Kang Baek-ho (Kim Ji-seok). They first meet during a food tasting at a market hosted by Dan-poong’s company.

While Baek-ho falls in love with Dan-poong, she is engaged to her high school friend. When fate intervenes, they are lucky enough to fall in love. But Dan-poong’s brother and mother are adamant not to let them get married. Overtime, Friendly or not shows each character’s growing relationships and a heartwarming story.