3 Netflix dramas to check out after finishing Luckyest Girl Alive

As of this writing, the Mila Kunis-directed drama The luckiest girl in the world is one of the most-watched Netflix releases on the streaming giant – in fact, it’s the No. 3 movie on the platform in the US right now.

If you haven’t checked the film yet here’s the gist: it tells the story of Ani FaNelli, who is described as a “sharp-tongued New Yorker” blessed with more or less a dream life. She’s got a glamorous job in a glossy magazine, to begin with, plus a lavish wardrobe and a romantic wedding planned in Nantucket. The film shatters it all, however, when a crime documentary maker shows up to get the “Ani” side of a terrible story.

Check out these dramas after The luckiest girl in the world

This story is about the horrific crime – no spoilers here – that happened to Ani when she was a teenager at a prestigious school. Soon we realize why she is now the “luckiest girl alive”, Ani also being forced to face a dark truth she had buried in the past that now threatens to upend her perfect life.

Mila Kunis as Ani in the Netflix movie “Luckiest Girl Alive.” Image source: Sabrina Lantos/Netflix

The film currently has an audience score of 75% on rotten tomatoes. Coupled with the strong ranking on Netflix’s US chart at the moment, that suggests a lot of people enjoyed the film – and, if so, here’s what else Netflix suggests you should watch after you’ve finished. The luckiest girl in the world.

Three of the recommended titles that the streamer offers as similar can be found below:

the unforgivable

In this 2021 Netflix version, Sandra Bullock goes against the grain to portray a woman who has just been released from prison after serving time for a violent crime. The film is based on a 2009 UK miniseries (unforgivable), and Bullock was also a producer here.

rotten tomatoes: 39% critical rating, 74% audience rating

Cutthroat City

From Netflix’s official description of this 2020 release: “Deprived of opportunity in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a young man and his close friends turn to a life of crime in New Orleans’ 9th Ward. .”

rotten tomatoes: 69% critical rating, 39% audience rating


Finally, here is another movie to check out on Netflix if you like the detective genre and are looking for something else like The luckiest girl in the world. In the 2015 version LegendTom Hardy plays identical twin brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray, notorious gangsters who terrorize and captivate audiences while evading authorities in 1960s London.

rotten tomatoes: 61% critical rating, 59% audience rating

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