4 series coming to Netflix in October that are worth the candle


Streaming during the pandemic has become a way of life and survival for many over the past 18 months. Part of the fun for Netflix’s 209 million global subscribers during the lockdown has been joining the online conversation surrounding several of its hit original series. Although we were physically separated, we were able to tune in online to talk about our favorite shows and the streamer did not disappoint with an abundance of new titles released each month.

In total, Netflix made history last weekend with 44 Emmy wins in a single year that equals the CBS record set in 1974. Two fan favorites, The crown and The Queen’s Gambit, each won 11 victories including Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Limited Series, respectively.

And the streamer isn’t slowing down in October with the first of nine seasons of the classic sitcom Seinfeld, as well as many other original series, including the four stars listed below.

Housemaid (October 1, ten episodes) – Inspired by the New York Times

successful memory Housekeeper: hard work, low wages and a mother’s will to survive by Stephanie Land, this female-led limited series follows the story of Alex, a single mom who turns to housekeeping to barely make ends meet as she escapes an abusive relationship and overcomes homelessness to create a better life for his young daughter. It’s one of my absolute favorites of the year. This series can best be described as captivating, powerful, emotional and at times difficult to watch because you feel so much for this woman and the fact that she represents so many people who are currently trying to escape the same situation. In summary, showrunner, executive producer and series writer Molly Smith Metzler took Land’s gorgeous handwriting and created one of the finest series of 2021. Andie MacDowell is brilliant as Alex’s mother, Paula, and Alex is portrayed by his actual daughter, Margaret. Qualley. Back to talking about the Emmy Awards, both deserve nominations next year.

Quite smart (October 8, ten episodes) – After being unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend, Chelsea (Emily Osment), an aspiring Harvard-educated intellectual and novelist, is forced to move in with her bubbly, carefree and not-so-intellectual West Coast sister , Claire (Olivia Macklin) and her three adorably eccentric and not-so-intellectual roommates: Grant (Gregg Sulkin), a distractingly beautiful personal trainer, Solana (Cinthya Carmon), a former lawyer turned healer, and Jayden (Michael Hsu Rosen) , a media influencer. But Chelsea’s harsh and at times critical exterior is starting to soften as she gets to know her new friends and they begin to form an unlikely family. This is a fun frenzy that will help you forget about the world’s woes for about five hours. This series is from co-creators, executive producers and showrunners Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand. Kourtney Kang, Pamela Fryman, Jim Brandon and Brian Singleton are also executive producers.

You: Season 3 (October 15, ten episodes) – The third season of this fan favorite is pure fun! Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) are now married and raising their baby. They have moved from Los Angeles to the Madre Linda enclave in Northern California, where they are surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, blogging moms and famous Insta biohackers. No marriage is perfect, but Joe has some serious baby mom drama this season. Despite this, he tries to remain a committed husband and father despite his wife’s explosive temper and a streak of jealousy that continues to get them in serious trouble. No one ever knows what goes behind closed doors in a marriage, but for these two, well, it involves a lot of bloody cleanup work. Love’s jealousy is not unwarranted, however, as Joe’s penchant for falling in love is a real issue in their marriage. Some of the best scenes are where they go to couples therapy. This series is based on Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling novels and each season takes the viewer to a new city, a new obsession and on the bloody trail of many corpses.

Pollock in black and white (October 29, six episodes) – This daring new limited drama series comes from co-creators Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick and tells Kaepernick’s coming-of-age story. He conquered race, class, and culture as a black child adopted by a white family. Kaepernick has become a cultural icon who has reached the highest levels of success in American football as an NFL quarterback. He would become known for his activism as well as his athleticism. Jaden Michael plays young Colin and Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker plays his parents, Rick and Teresa, and Kaepernick plays himself. It is a fast paced binge with 30 minute episodes. DuVernay directs the first episode as well as all current scenes with Kaepernick. Sheldon Candis, Robert Townsend, Angel Kristi Williams and Kenny Leon direct the five additional episodes. DuVernay, Kaepernick and Michael Starrbury are the executive producers.