5 TV Shows Like Christina Applegate’s Dead to Me

dead to me is a dark comedy series that premiered in 2019. The show follows Jen, a recently widowed woman, who takes it upon herself to track down her husband’s killer. She soon meets Judy, who has suffered her own loss and the two bond to navigate grief, loss and forgiveness together. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini play Jen and Judy, respectively.

The second season of dead to me was released on Netflix in 2020, after which the third and final season was long delayed due to the pandemic. The final season is now set to premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

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Whereas dead to me was one of the best black comedies of recent times, with Applegate even winning numerous accolades for his performance, it’s certainly not the only good of its kind. American television has always boasted of a few masterpieces that explore dark humor as openly as possible.

Here are five more shows like dead to me check it out if you’re a fan of the genre.

More shows to watch if you like dead to me

1) after life

Afterlife (Image via BBC)
Afterlife (Image via BBC)

after lifestarring Ricky Gervais, is another three-season long show like dead to me who is dealing with grief and how it could change someone’s life. As dead to methe main character of after life also loses his wife and develops a whole new personality to deal with it by not caring about anyone or anything in life.

However, the plan backfires as planned and her close friends and family decide to step in and help her out. Gervais also wrote and directed the show, making the jokes and punchlines land almost perfectly. Although it’s a clean comedy, the series doesn’t take itself too lightly and manages to explore serious concepts of depression and loss quite actively.

The first season of after life premiered in 2019 and the final season was released in January 2022. The show is available to stream on Netflix.

2) Kevin can fuck himself

Kevin can fuck off (Image via The Hollywood Reporter)
Kevin can fuck off (Image via The Hollywood Reporter)

The first season having started in 2021, Kevin can fuck himself turned the traditional sit-com format on its head to explore a much darker world of each of its characters. The runtime is split between a well-lit ’90s sit-com and the much darker world of Allison, Kevin’s wife. Each of the characters in the series is written with nuance and depth.

As Dead to me, Kevin can fuck off explores what the institution of marriage and a very long relationship with one person can do to someone. It also has a strong feminist narrative that calls out the misogynistic undercurrents of most pop culture shows. Annie Murphy is great as Allison because she has an audience that’s supportive from the start despite her pretty dark intentions.

The last season of Kevin can fuck himself premiered in August 2022 and can be viewed on Prime Video.

3) The woman at home opposite the girl at the window

The woman in the house across from the girl in the window (Image via IMDB)
The woman in the house across from the girl in the window (Image via IMDB)

With Kristen Bell, The woman at home opposite the girl at the window, includes all the typical tropes of a traditional thriller just to poke fun at the genre. All the characters fit perfectly into the prototypes that thrillers have created for years. Although it’s a spoof movie, it still follows a fun female protagonist who indulges in her weirdest fantasies to escape her depressing reality.

As dead to me, this show explores themes of mental illness, grief, and longing, all while generating loud noise. It is an eight episode limited series and was released on Netflix in January 2022.

Contrary to dead to mehowever, this one barely takes any of its characters or plot points seriously, making it more of a comedy than anything.

4) The end of the fucking world

The end of the fucking world (Image via Dazed)
The end of the fucking world (Image via Dazed)

With brilliantly subtle performances, hilarious yet understated jokes, and broad, relatable themes, The end of the fucking world is a near-perfect black comedy series that deals with flawed and troubled characters at the center of its world. It follows James, a self-described psychopathic teenager, who meets an emotionally detached Alyssa as the two embark on their own adventure.

In its own way, The end of the fucking world comments on the emotional state of the modern generation and addresses themes of grief, depression, childhood trauma and love. The second season of the show is more like dead to me in terms of plot points as they introduce an equally grieving character who decides to avenge the death of her husband.

The two-season long show is streaming on Netflix.

5) Kill Eve

Kill Eve (Image via IMDB)
Kill Eve (Image via IMDB)

Despite being a spy thriller, Kill Eve shares major similarities with dead to me in the type of relationship that the two shows explore. When Eve is given the task of tracking down an assassin named Villanelle, the two women begin to share a strange relationship, with Eve developing an obsession with her target.

Kill Eve also turns into comedy when it needs to, but limits it to dry-witted rather than over-the-top sketch exploration. It’s led by splendid performances that keep you invested in the series’ most unlikely and probably even unrelated situations. The relationship between the women is central to the plot and becomes the identity of the show.

There have been four seasons of the show so far.

Watch the third and final season of Dead for me premiering on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

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