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Welcome to another edition of 6-Banner Sunday, a joint production between The Assembly Call and Inside the Hall where we highlight the five most essential basketball UI stories from the past week, and take a look to how other IU sports programs are doing.

Heading into the season, most of the offseason IU basketball news has happened this week. No event reaches this point more than Indiana hosting a media day showcasing the men’s and women’s hoops season. Another indication that the denunciation for 2022-2023 is fast approaching is a finalized schedule release that now includes game times and TV assignments. The final signal that the Hoosiers will enter the field in the coming weeks is Inside the Hall which does a series that examines the 25 best players in the Big Ten.

Once fans can see the team play, a major change will occur in Assembly Hall with the announcement of alcohol availability for the first time ever. Looking back, a beloved former player from a decade ago will get another shot at the NBA after injuries somewhat derailed his career. As usual, we will conclude with an overview of the situation of other UI sports.

Long story short, Hoosier Hysteria will have a special guest, a few highly touted future recruits are visiting campus this weekend, and Assembly Call had its usual Thursday show.

• IU organizes an annual media day
• TV designations and published tip times
• Inside the Big Ten Hall Top 25 Players Series
• Upcoming Beer Sales in the Assembly Hall
• Cody Zeller signs with the Utah Jazz
• Hoosier Overview

Banner #1 – IU holds an annual media day

IU organized a media day for men’s and women’s basketball. IU men’s coach Mike Woodson and IU women’s coach Teri Moren were made available to the press and discussed various topics, as did their players shortly after.

For the first time, both teams are firmly seeded in the top 25 and should make a push for the Big Ten title as well as a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

Woodson’s team doesn’t shy away from those expectations. Meanwhile, Moren’s side, despite losing three top contributors, should have more depth after bringing in elite transfers and freshmen as well as the return of two of their star players.

After the main event, Inside the Hall caught up with Miller Kopp and Logan Duncomb for an interview.

Banner #2 – TV Designations and Tipping Times Posted

While IU’s full schedule for 2022-2023 has been known for a few weeks, TV broadcast times and information were not. That changed Thursday afternoon when the Big Ten made this information public. On Friday, Kansas followed suit and announced tipping time for their game with the Hoosiers.

The game against North Carolina on Nov. 30 is now the only one without a known tipping time or TV news. However, as part of the Big Ten-ACC Challenge, it will air on an ESPN network and will likely be a late board as a marquee showdown for the event.

Additionally, with the schedule finalized, Indiana Athletics released its mini-series ticket package for games when students are on vacation. It includes games near Thanksgiving against Little Rock and Jackson State as well as winter holiday contests against Elon and Kennesaw State. The only Big Ten team to feature in the pack is Northwestern at the very end of the holiday.

Outside of these five opportunities, it’s unlikely that any more tickets will be made available to the public through IU, with the remaining games already being sold through subscriptions. Fans can turn to Vivid Seats for remaining home dates.

Banner #3 – In the top 25 Big Ten player series inside the lobby

In anticipation of the upcoming season, Inside the Hall has teamed up with UM Hoops to do a series on the conference’s top 25 players. 25-21 can be viewed here, 20-16 here, 15-11 here, 6-10 here and 5-1 here.

Three Hoosiers made the roster with Race Thompson at 21, Xavier Johnson at 9 and Trayce Jackson-Davis at 2. Michigan’s Hunter Dickinson barely beat Jackson-Davis for first place overall.

Banner #4 – Beer sales are coming to Assembly Hall

For years, IU did not sell alcohol at sports competitions. Then, in recent years, it has been made available at Memorial Stadium for soccer, Bart Kaufman Field for baseball, Andy Mohr Field for softball, and Armstrong Stadium for men’s and women’s soccer.

Now Indiana has taken the final step and, for the first time, will offer beer during all games at Assembly Hall, starting with Hoosier Hysteria. Those who purchase it must show ID proving they are 21 years old and will be limited to two drinks per transaction. Additionally, no alcohol will be served to anyone who appears intoxicated and sales will end with 10 minutes remaining in the contest.

Banner #5 – Cody Zeller signs with the Utah Jazz

After being one of IU’s greatest players of the 21st century and leading them to their first all-time Big Ten title in 20 years, Cody Zeller has had a rocky NBA career that has been marred by injuries. . Assembly Call had an exclusive interview with him a few years ago when he was with the Charlotte Hornets to discuss how his time in professional basketball was going.

After eight seasons with the Hornets where he struggled to stay healthy but was a productive player on the field, he spent the last year with the Portland Trail Blazers where he played just 27 of 82 games. Now he will have another chance to try and show off his skills with the Utah Jazz rebuild if he can work his way up the roster.

Former Hoosier Juwan Morgan also played in Salt Lake City for the past few years before moving on to other teams.

Banner #6 – Hoosier Roundup

• Women’s basketball has released its television schedule for the upcoming season

• Football lost to Cincinnati. Additionally, kicker Charles Campbell was honored nationally and by the conference, following his game-winning kick against Western Kentucky, and the time and television assignment for next week’s game with Nebraska have been made public.

• Men’s soccer had a tough week losing to a strong team from Ohio State and tying a struggling team from Michigan State to put their Big Ten title hopes behind the proverbial eight bullets.

• Women’s soccer pulled off another 0-0 draw with strong Penn State before conceding their first goals of the season in a 3-0 loss to Minnesota. Additionally, goaltender Jamie Gerstenberg was recognized by the Big Ten.

• Shared field hockey competitions with Longwood and Louisville.

• Volleyball lost its Big Ten opener to Penn State.

• Women’s golf took part in its first tournament of the fall season.

• Men’s golf also took part in a tournament this week.

• Men’s tennis participated in a fall exhibition event.
Water polo added an assistant coach.

• Swimming and Diving have announced their schedule for the upcoming season.

• Wrestling has also revealed its schedule for the upcoming winter.

• Softball has announced an upcoming alumni event.

Thank you for your continued support of The Assembly Call and Inside the Hall. We’ll be back next weekend with another roundup.

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