7 Best Live Action Shows For Elden Ring Fans

From softwarethe last game Ring of Elden has been revolutionary since its release, and has in turn become a huge hit in the gaming community. Its length and difficulty mean that there will still be those who have not yet managed to complete it. However, there are many other fans of games, movies and series Ring of Elden can enjoy.

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Anime series are easier to compare with Ring of Eldenmasterpiece of the open world, whether Japanese or Western broadcasts. Yet, there are still plenty of live-action series that can join the conversation as well. These will often be rooted in fantasy, with dark storylines or unforgiving worlds that remind audiences of the Lands Between.

7 See brings a tough world through the restrictions of humanity

To see has a unique premise that separates it from most other shows in the fantasy genre. The premise lies in a shattered generation of humanity, where a virus has not only wiped out much of the world’s population, but it has born their sightless descendants.

A lack of eyesight suggests difficulty performing daily tasks, but humanity has adapted accordingly. Jason Momoa and the other actors speak without telling a story with their eyes, and do a stellar job. By the simple difficulty of surviving and the need to adapt, this world and these difficult circumstances are akin to the Lands Between in Ring of Elden.

6 Shadow And Bone focuses on magic and other fantasy elements

shadow and bone is a fantasy series that can be found on Netflix, one of many stellar TV adaptations of a book series to end up on the streaming service.

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shadow and bone may not have obvious similarities with Ring of Elden in its setting and overall aesthetic, but it is full of magical and fantastical creatures. That’s reason enough to start this series, but its strong characters and intriguing story is reason enough to stick around and keep watching it.

5 The Witcher’s premise about hunting monsters draws parallels to boss fights in Elden Ring

The Witcher 3 became one of the top-rated games, thanks to its comprehensive set of thrilling stories, captivating characters, and expansive world. Fans were both excited and worried when the witcher was billed as a Netflix series adaptation, but it didn’t disappoint too much in its first two seasons.

Henry Cavill excelled as Geralt of Rivia, and the series introduced many gruesome monsters from the games and books, with impressive CGIs and effects. Most of the monster designs are grotesque and terrifying enough to draw comparisons to those that roam the Middle Lands in Ring of Elden. Those who want to see lots of magical and awesome weapons used in battles should definitely give the witcher from.

4 Magic is also the main focus of the wheel of time

Another TV adaptation of a popular book series, The wheel of time was released on Amazon Prime in 2021. It has many items to satisfy one’s fancy craving that will no doubt be there for those who have played Ring of Elden. The wheel of time stars Rosamund Pike as Aes Sedai member Moiraine Damodred.

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Magic exists in the world of The wheel of time but is limited to a few people. The Aes Sedai are a group of powerful women who can channel the One Power. They seek out the potential Dragon Reborn, who holds the key to saving or breaking the world. The mystery surrounding magic and its multiple uses is also explored in Ring of Elden. Players can choose to pursue Faith, Intelligence, or Arcane to hone their use of magic, and could certainly come up with similar builds to the Aes Sedai.

3 Its dark materials are another dark and sinister world

Its dark materials is a television series adaptation of the novels of the same name by Philip Pullman, which premiered on UK channel BBC One in 2019. With two seasons to its name and a third planned for the future, Its dark materials featured many familiar faces, from James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda to Dafne Keen.

Following a child named Lyra, the series does a better job of telling the story than the golden compass film had succeeded before. Although he is not outwardly dark in a brutal Ring of Elden or The iron Throne way, it still has a lot of dark and sad moments. Its extensive global construction and fantastic elements make it a must-have watch for those who love to play Ring of Elden.

2 Game Of Thrones Is Naturally The Fantasy Series Everyone Is Talking About

The iron Throne will still be plagued with negative reviews due to its final season, but that shouldn’t take away from the positives. In fact, it became the greatest fantasy show of all time. It was loved for its intensity, drama, stellar cast, and extreme brutality. The iron Throne rarely shied away from killing off important characters, which left an underlying sense of dread that remained throughout the series.

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Its dark world, ferocious fantasy beasts and fierce combat will appeal to fans of Ring of Elden. Additionally, the author of the novels the show is based on, George RR Martin, was even used as a world-building consultant to Ring of Elden.

1 Stranger Things brings supernatural horror to a completely different kind of environment

stranger things may well be outside of the general world-building and aesthetic of Ring of Eldenbut its supernatural horror and sci-fi fantasy genres can certainly be linked to that of the From software Game. It is set in the 1980s of the real world, but the introduction of alternate dimensions and monstrous creatures transforms this into a dark and unforgiving world.

stranger things can be watched on Netflix, and will certainly appeal to those who like a mystery or thriller aspect to their action. Not only did it feature the likes of Winona Ryder, Sean Astin, and David Harbour, but it also made stars out of its child actors.

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