8 Best A24 Dramas, Ranked

A24 is a film production and distribution company that has become known for its original films, often choosing to release works that lean towards the arthouse and independent genres. The production company is known for the more unusual releases like that of Yorgos Lanthimos Lobster or Robert Eggers Lighthouse, but there are a lot of great A24 dramas.

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A24 released dramas of varying quality and notoriety, from award contenders to pictures that flew under the radar but deserved more attention when released. As such, A24’s best dramas range from Best Picture winners to movies some may have never heard of.

8 A Most Violent Year Shows Chastain and Isaac’s Acting Skills

By JC Chandor, who currently directs Kraven the hunter, a year of the most violent is a 2014 crime drama starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. The film is set in New York City in 1981, which was the city’s most violent year on record. A most violent year follows Abel Morales, the owner of a small fuel oil business, as his business struggles against competitors and begins to suffer from the hijacking of his trucks and the theft of fuel oil.

Whereas A most violent year flew mostly under the radar, it received positive reviews for Chandor’s direction and for Chastain and Isaac’s performances. Jessica Chastain even received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Anna Morales, Abel’s wife.

seven American Honey marks Sasha Lane’s acting debut

American honey premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 where it won the Jury Prize. Directed by Andrea Arnold and featuring an ensemble including Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf and Riley Keough, American honey follows Star (Lane). Star is a teenage girl living in a struggling house in Oklahoma when she comes across a van full of people selling magazine subscriptions. She joins the group as they travel through the American Midwest and strikes up a relationship with Jake (LaBeouf).

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American honey marks Sasha Lane’s first acting role, which won her critical acclaim, and has since landed her other roles, including Hunter C-20 in Loki. American honey features plenty of new talent, adding to the organic feeling of coming-of-age drama.

6 The Humans is a tense drama based on a Tony Award-winning play

Humans is a psychological drama written and directed by Stephen Karam, who adapted it from his 2016 play of the same name. The film received positive reviews thanks to its sources, Tony Award winner and Pulitzer Award finalist.

Humans stars Beanie Feldstein, Steven Yeun, Richard Jenkins and Amy Schumer. When Brigid (Feldstein) and her partner (Yeun) invite her family to their apartment for Thanksgiving, family dysfunction reaches a fever pitch and tensions rise throughout the night. Humans is a tense family drama about trauma and interpersonal relationships. Humans leans towards the weird as it progresses.

5 Lee Isaac Chung wrote to Minari about his own childhood

Written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, minari, which translates to “water celery” in Korean, follows a Korean immigrant family in the 1980s as they work to make ends meet in rural America. The film is a semi-autobiographical take on Chung’s upbringing as he grew up on a farm in Arkansas.

minari stars Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho and Youn Yuh-jung. It was a hit when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, winning the American Drama Grand Jury Prize. At the Oscars, minari was nominated for six awards, with Youn Yuh-jung winning Best Supporting Actress.

4 The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a semi-autobiographical drama

San Francisco’s Last Black Man, directed by Joe Talbot, stars Jimmie Fails and Jonathan Majors as two best friends who live together and spend their time wandering San Francisco, watching the city change. They also make stops at a house that Jimmie’s grandfather built in the 1940s. not their presence.

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San Francisco’s Last Black Man was praised for its narration of San Francisco’s gentrification and Talbot’s leadership, which was in part due to Talbot and Fails’ personal experience growing up in San Francisco. Talbot and Fail portrayed the story of the changing city perfectly.

3 Joaquin Phoenix tackles family drama in C’mon C’mon

After 20th century women, Mike Mills’ second film with A24 is the black and white family drama come on! Go on. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Woody Norman and Gabby Hoffman, this drama follows a traveling radio journalist named Johnny (Phoenix) who interviews children. When Johnny has to take care of his nephew, whom he hasn’t seen in years, the couple unexpectedly bond.

come on! Go on is an emotional family drama that features impressive performances from its protagonists, as well as strong chemistry between Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman. come on! Go on is one of the best movies to release in 2021.

2 After Yang is a heartbreaking sci-fi drama

Kogonada’s second film is the sci-fi drama After Yang, which is based on the short story by Alexander Weinstein. After Yang is a harrowing story about race, loss and what it means to be alive, and has won critical acclaim since its premiere at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

With Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Justin H. Min and Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, After Yang follows Jake (Farrell), Kyra (Turner-Smith) and their adopted daughter Mika (Tjandrawidjaja) when the robot they bought to be their daughter’s brother suddenly stops working. After Yang follows Jake as he tries to fix the robot, uncovers secrets about the robot’s life, and learns about himself in the process.

1 Moonlight is the best A24 drama and one of the best movies of all time

Often hailed as one of the best films of all time, Barry Jenkins Moonlight is based on the previously unreleased semi-autobiographical play In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue by Tarell Alvin McCraney. He was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won three; Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (making Mahershala Ali the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar for acting) and Best Picture. Moonlight is also the first LGBTQ+ film to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

Moonlight is divided into three parts: Little, Chiron and Black. Each part follows a period of the protagonist’s life, from his childhood in Miami to his adolescence where he begins to discover his sexuality until his adulthood in Atlanta where he reconnects with those of his past. With a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Moonlight is the best A24 drama.