8 of the Best TV Shows Ever Made, According to Reddit

Every day it seems like a new binge-worthy series is added to a major streaming service or a previous one gets renewed for a new season, but some shows just hold a special place in viewers’ hearts above all else. others.

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From comedy to drama, some TV shows make their mark in the television world by garnering a large following and fan base. This led the Reddit user OddArtist1391 creating an entire thread dedicated to what users think are the best TV shows of all time. So, here are just 10 TV shows that Reddit users believe deserve a spot in the TV Show Hall of Fame.


BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

by Netflix BoJack Rider is one of the most binge-worthy series even now. The animated adult show has themes of addiction, depression and loneliness, which is why many users have found solace in the show, especially during the lockdown. The show follows a former soap opera star whose show was suddenly canceled, throwing him into a sea of ​​alcoholism and depression. BoJack is looking to make a TV comeback but it’s not easy to get there.

The show proved popular with fans, as many could identify with BoJack, for many fans it was the first anime series to accurately depict feelings of failure and how that can turn into the mechanics of failure. quite damaging adaptation. Reddit user Quirky_AD_7325 pointed out how the show “addressed some dark topics in a sensitive way” while still being hilarious. The show was able to capture feelings shared by so many people and make viewers laugh simultaneously, which is just one of the reasons why. Bojack Rider continues to be one of the saddest but most popular shows in television history.

Law & Order (1990–present)

Ice-T leaning against a wall in a Law & Order SVU promotional image.

The iconic Law and order created controversy in the thread with one user sharing his hatred for the show but Hootinger was quick to defend the show. The user responded by saying “it’s interesting because you’re, literally, the only person I’ve met who hates the show”, proving just how popular it is Law and order franchise is always with the fans. The program is split into two distinct viewings: the first devoted to the crime committed and the second to the legal proceedings of the said criminal.

Its episodic structure has proven popular with fans, as drama series usually only show the apprehended or convicted criminal, but never both. The original show used real titles to create interesting storylines that captivated viewers. When the show ended in 2010, its spin-off replaced it and has since continued to remain popular with fans due to its intense twists and unique episode structure.

Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones Season 5

HBO game of thrones created a cultural phenomenon when it first hit screens in 2011. Fans became so obsessed with the show that it was mentioned in the evening papers and stores began selling merchandise as soon as the shelves hit the shelves. have been replenished. The show is a fantasy drama that has proven popular for its star-studded cast, twists and, of course, awesome CGI. However, a Reddit user named Eborys explained how they would have “said game of thrones But yes…. It’s not 2014 anymore.”

Admittedly, the series was the most popular at that time, but fans were left heartbroken when the producers revealed that they would be ending the series in 2019. The series finale was one of the most recent episodes. watched all the time and sparked a conversation. with many saying the show could have gone on. The show continues to be reviewed even now, with many viewers saying they see something better every time they watch. game of thrones, proving how intricately crafted the show was, which inevitably made it so popular.

Courage the Cowardly Dog (1996-2002)

Cartoo network Courage the cowardly dog was a controversial children’s show that combined horror and animation, which ultimately resulted in it being banned because it was too scary. The show followed Courage who lived on a farm where many strange events happened throughout the show. The children’s series was quite popular, due to its unique and bold approach of incorporating horror into children’s television.

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It defied boundaries, but also featured a great level of animation for late ’90s television and had many interesting characters, who strayed away from the protagonist’s typical children and adults. Jellotonian expressed that Courage the cowardly dog would stay “on top forever” and in terms of kids’ shows that pushed the envelope, many viewers accepted despite the show’s obvious cancellation in 2002.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005-)

FX Philadelphia is always sunny continues to be one of the funniest shows to date. It tells the story of five narcissistic friends who continually find themselves in awkward and uncomfortable situations as they run an Irish bar in Philadelphia. The characters are some of the most toxic protagonists ever seen in a sitcom, but viewers can’t help but love them and their unusual and questionable personality traits.

Reddit user gvf77 said they had “no idea how [they] I’ve spent so long not watching this phenomenally hilarious show.” The series isn’t shy about shedding light on some pretty gruesome subject matter, but offers comic relief from the heaviness of life, which perhaps explains why she continues to be a fan favorite. It’s always sunny in Philadelphia It’s hard to rank from best to worst because each is as good as the last, proven by the show’s continued reign as one of America’s favorite sitcoms.

Malcolm in the Middle (2000-2006)

Malcolm in the middle Malcolm

In some ways, Malcolm in the middle was just another sitcom but it dominated TV screens between 2000 and 2006. Malcolm is the middle child of an unconventional family which is basically the main plot of the TV show. The show allows viewers to identify with the family, especially those who are indeed the middle child, offering comedic portrayals of very real situations.

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Reddit user no one will ever know called the show “classic” because it adopts all the conventions of a stereotypical sitcom while creating a unique name for itself, while garnering a large audience. The show created a realistic on-screen family that people could relate to through comic writing, which encouraged viewers to reflect on their own lives.

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Jesse and Walt shake hands in Breaking Bad.

CMA breaking Bad broke viewing records over its five seasons, gaining a large audience with the series going for a movie. Walter begins making meth with his former student Jesse to pay his medical bills after being diagnosed with cancer, but he eventually becomes obsessed with the power he gains. Reddit user brianygoblin was among those who liked the show and said that “if anyone disagrees […] accept the fact that you are wrong.”

The main focus of the show is drugs, but also includes excellent character development that is some of the best in television history. Although Walter is a drug lord, fans couldn’t help but feel connected to him, leading viewers to demand a Walter White sequel.

The American Office (2005-2013)

Dwight standing in front of the camera as Cathy walks through the door at a Christmas party on The Office

NBC The US office was called the best TV show of all time by some Reddit users with many fans agreeing. The show takes place in an office building where the workers find themselves in strange and peculiar scenarios which are quite hilarious for the fans.

Reddit user Quirky_AD_7325 explained how “so many people can relate to each other, especially if they’ve worked in an office or a close-knit work environment” with many scenes depicting a variety of day-to-day scenarios related to working in an office. From narcissistic bosses to first aid training, the show gives a hilarious take on office work that made many viewers relate. The show also has several storylines that run through the nine seasons, making it arguably the best show ever.

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