A deep dive into the Katylee and Libby Mae drama currently dividing gay TikTok

What a bad start to the month of Pride😔

Katylee and Libby Mae have beef again but this time the tension is so high it’s polarized on gay TikTok. Katylee, Libby Mae and now Grace Waites are British TikTok royalty. Their toxic relationship has lived without rent in our gay little minds for many months and you’d be lying if you tried to say you’re not obsessed with them.

Everyone loves everything about them. From Libby Mae and Grace Waites having the same hairstyle to Katylee having such a blatant type. But unfortunately, even nice people get involved in internet dramas. Here’s a look at their beef currently pushing a wedge straight into gay TikTok as we speak.

It all started with Libby Mae posting this video dancing alongside her current girlfriend and sister saying, “We know my current girlfriend is the only one my sister really liked without having to convince people.” Pretty wild but to be fair, this isn’t the first time Libby Mae has posted suspicious content.

@libbymae24 @lex ♬ ice cream on my baby – ✿

Okay, Katylee first posted the situation yesterday. She shared a lip-synced video with ‘Fame I’m gonna live forever’ – the video read: ‘Every time someone irrelevant to me makes a targeted video I get an extra year added to my life” Quite emblematic.

@k4tyl33You know what. It is sometimes difficult not to react when they are sent to you. It’s obsessive behavior. It’s clear that I can’t move on and live on🙃♬ I will live forever – Michelle Jolly 😊

Libby Mae then responded to this video using the same audio and captioned it with: ‘If I got £1 every time people jumped to conclusions’. As you can see, this drama has a lot of back and forth.

Katylee posted a TikTok saying, “How would I be if Grace and her family had to bring down her ex to make me feel better about myself.” The video’s caption was a load of red flags, then read, “Yes this is targeted by it’s laughable how many people are making out with us.”

Libby Mae has since posted a video with her girlfriend captioned: ‘We vibe knowing we only need each other and someone else’s opinion is irrelevant.’ After posting this video, they got each other’s names tattooed on themselves – a very bold move.

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