A look back at the life and career of Mace Neufeld

Producer Mace Neufeld has died aged 93. He would have died in his sleep. A look back at his life and career.

Mace Neufeld believed the ‘big stars’ were gone

Macé Neufeld | Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

During a 2014 interview with Los Angeles Times, Neufeld discussed his career and the entertainment industry. He commented that he believed major movie stars were a thing of the past. He felt that the age of the great Hollywood movie star ended with the classic actors who were still alive at that time.

“The big, big stars of the old line are gone,” he said. “I remember watching Titanic at a friend’s house. Kirk Douglas was there, Greg Peck, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. I looked around the room and thought, “You know, when those guys left, that’s the last of the studio-created stars.”

One actor Neufeld looked up to was Clint Eastwood. He was amazed that he only had to do one or two takes to do a scene perfectly.

Neufeld dreamed of winning an Academy Award. He told the Los Angeles Times that if he lived long enough, he believed it would eventually happen. “You go out and find good material and you stick with it and don’t give up on it,” he told the publication. “I’m still looking for an Oscar. If I stay long enough, it could happen.

Mace Neufeld movies

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Neufeld became known for producing numerous box office hits and hit television shows. One of his first production projects was the 1975 TV movie The owl and the kitty. The following year, he became executive producer for the omen. In 1978, Neufeld’s co-director produced the television series Quark for eight episodes. In 1981, he was the executive producer of the television mini-series East of Eden, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Limited Series category.

In 1985 Neufeld produced the aviator, featuring the late Christopher Reeve. Then, in 1987, he directed the film No Exit, starring Kevin Costner. Some of Neufeld’s other projects include The Frisco Child, The Punisher, The Hunt for Red October, patriot games, The equalizer, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Mace Neufeld’s thoughts on “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”

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“Chris Pine’s casting really revived the making of this Jack Ryan movie,” Neufeld said during an interview with Screen Slam. “I say revived because [his inclusion] did not give the green light [the film], but it gave him new life. I think Chris is a fantastic Jack Ryan. I had seen him perform two plays on stage. He looks great in this movie, he’s a wonderful actor. The combination of Keira and Chris really works together.

What Mace Neufeld had planned before his death

According to Deadline, a family friend told the publication that Neufeld plans to work on a third Equalizer movie. He was also planning to work on another Tom Clancy TV series for Amazon Prime Video.

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