A Ranking of The CW’s Best TV Shows

The CW has always been pleasantly unbalanced.

Since the dawn of time (or at least since 2006), The CW has aired some of the most beloved shows on television. His stories range from heartfelt family dramas to supernatural demon hunts and almost always include the staples of the network: cheesy dialogue, totally outrageous storylines, then lots of characters, and a knack for being extremely addictive.

In addition to its original series, the network acquired The WB and UPN, bringing shows like Gilmore Girls and girlfriends in his directory.

Prepare for nostalgia. I’m ranking the best treasures to find on The CW, in all their curvy glory!



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The CW does monsters, superheroes, and teen drama, so why not add a period piece to the mix? The network dabbled in historical fiction in its early days Reign in 2013. While not the strongest series in the CW family, this Mary Queen of Scots-centric show has merit and plenty of royal scandals to boot!


Veronique Mars

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During his time in the spotlight, Veronique Mars attracted a loyal following of loyal fans. Kristen Bells’ performance as the titular character — in all her campy, mystery-solving glory — remains a memorable part of the network’s history. I would be remiss if I didn’t put this bizarre, binge-worthy show on this list.


Everybody Hates Chris

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Based on Chris Rock’s childhood, this sitcom is an underrated gem from The CW. It presents the world from Chris’ point of view, as he tries to find his place among his family and friends while living in Brooklyn in the 1980s.


Crazy ex-girlfriend

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Crazy ex-girlfriend comes equipped with singing, dancing, and a surprising amount of heart. The fantasy series follows Rebecca as she tries to put her life back together by moving to a new town where an old boyfriend lives. It covers a range of topics from love to friendship to mental illness with a unique narration that allows us to see into Rebecca’s mind through a musical performance.



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Who doesn’t love the idea of ​​Superman eating pizza? Smallville follows Clark Kent through his teenage years before he dons his iconic Man of Steel outfit. This series, which lasted 10 seasons, was a moment.


the flash

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The CW loves a good superhero origin story and that’s exactly what we get the flash. While the network is home to a collection of heroes, this one stands out as a consistent fan favorite. Protagonist Barry Allen gains superhuman speed, and the result is a dramatic DC comics-style narrative.



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Whereas Riverdale could slowly descend into madness, it’s hard to look away. Loosely based on Archie Comics, the series has curated some of modern television’s most notable fictional characters – from Archie to Cheryl to Jughead.



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This early 2000s sitcom chronicles the lives of four black women living in Los Angeles, experiencing the ups and downs of their jobs, relationships, and adult lives. Don’t be fooled by its comedy label – there are a myriad of heartwarming stories and girlfriends approaches female friendship in a way that is relatable and beautiful.


Joan the Virgin

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When Jane becomes pregnant due to an artificial insemination accident, chaos ensues. This telenovela-style series quickly gained popularity – no doubt due to its great writing as well as Gina Rodriguez’s endearing performance as Jane. This network treasure follows The CW’s trajectory of mixing everyday problems with crime solving, and the result is five binge-worthy seasons.


all american

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Inspired by the life of NFL linebacker Spencer Paysinger, all american follows a young soccer player from South Los Angeles after being recruited to a team located in Beverly Hills. The series has all the bells and whistles of a sports drama, but is so much more than that, tackling social issues, family issues, and the seriousness of entering a new world.


The Vampire Diaries

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In the hype of the Dusk era, The CW put some sparkling vampires to rest and instead introduced us to the Salvatore Brothers, two dashing vampires just trying to live a normal life in a mystical town called Mystic Falls. A love triangle ensues when they come across a human girl (naturally) and therefore must navigate the difficulties of love in a world where witches and werewolves attend high school. The show’s success has spawned The originals and Legacyboth located in this universe.


Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl has all the essentials: a little teenage angst, memorable characters, fabulous fashion, and an unsolved mystery. As the anonymous internet sleuth behind the “Gossip Girl” blog wreaks havoc on Manhattan’s Elite, viewers are taken on a perfect roller coaster ride to get away from it all. This show has been a television high in its six seasons and you know you love it, XOXO.


A tree hill

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As one of The CW’s most notable programs, A tree hill takes every television genre known to mankind and weaves them into one glorious series following the ups and downs of small town North Carolina teenagers. Although the later seasons lose heart following the departure of the original cast members, A tree hill was a huge success. It combines relatable teenage issues with absolutely insane storylines that involve injury, crime, and murder.



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As the longest-running series in The CW’s history, Supernatural remained on the air for fifteen seasons thanks to its cult audience. What started as a melodrama about monster-hunting brothers turned into a versatile series with well-developed characters and goofy-themed episodes that won fans over. The on-screen and off-screen bromance of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles has helped keep the show fresh and fun through its many spellbinding seasons.


Gilmore Girls

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Watching (and re-watching) this beloved series is like taking that first sip of coffee in the morning – all is well in the world. From witty Friday night dinner banter to goofy Stars Hollow town meetings, this eclectic show has garnered a fanbase that remains just as dedicated as it was when it aired on WB/The CW. from 2000 to 2011. Oy with the poodles already – Gilmore Girls reigns supreme at the top of my list!

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