Abbs Media is also making a foray into web series

Abbs Media has announced the creation of its new entertainment YouTube channel called “Mojo Karikku”, a new entertainment YouTube channel in Malayalam focusing on creating several web series touching the lives of young people.

Sometimes a web series can become so popular that it ends up on TV. Other web series are produced by major media networks and enjoy the same exposure as a television series. These programs can also be broadcast on television. Network and broadcast policies govern TV shows. These rules limit the times and places where a show can be shown. Some TV shows are not available for streaming. However, you can watch your favorite series online whenever you want.

The short video market is growing at a favorable pace and its diverse content is attracting viewers. The need for brief video content will only increase as 5G becomes more widely available. Famous artists, big media companies, and expensive production expenses are usually necessary for a TV series, but not for web series.

Dennis Daniel, CEO of Abbs Media and web series director, said. “The face of the web series changes to reflect reality. Abbs’ next media series project named “Oru London Pallavi” tells the story of a brave young woman named Pallavi, how she is a message to other young generations within the Malayalam community in the UK .

Filming for director Dennis Daniel’s “Oru London Pallavi” web series is set to begin in London at the end of October. The first season of the web series will be released the last week of November and has 8 episodes.

Julie Ganapathy aka Joolee Ponnamma, an award-winning writer and poet from Kerala, wrote the story and screenplay, and Dennis Daniel is directing the series.

Abbs Media Production’s “Oru London Pallavi” series stars Dhanya Raveendran, Ashwathi Unnikrishnan, Nithul CB, Yathi Manjeswar Vijaya Kumar and Maya Reghupathi, as well as Rahul CB and Julie Ganapathy.


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