Alchemy of Souls – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap and Review

The final fight

Alchemy of Souls Episode 14 begins with Jang-Uk facing his toughest challenge yet – Seo Yul. Before this spicy duel, Jin-Mu questions the crown prince about Uk’s skills. The prince reveals through conversation that Uk still has his maid by his side. As far as he is concerned, no one teaches spells in Uk. But could that be enough for Jin-Mu to suspect her?

Uk is someone who could wreak havoc on the world if his power is left unchecked, and that’s something Park Jin worries about. However, for now, we see that Uk’s incredible power and skill allowed him to learn Chisu and catch the legendary Golden Fish, just like Hemp Lee said.

Now, the circumstances surrounding Cha Beom’s resignation come from the crown prince himself. He is determined to kill Uk’s opponent, he must defeat him. With the pressure so high, the mage steps aside and decides to let Yul get involved – especially with Mu-Deok’s prize on the line.

Yul is well placed to take advantage of this, and after giving the Crown Prince his word, we catch up with the moments from the last episode.

Yul and Jang-Uk face off, with Uk having improved a lot after mastering the Chisu Technique. The duel comes and goes, with spooky orchestral music in the background. Honestly, it’s like a boss fight in a Final Fantasy game at this point.

Anyway, instead of a world-ending summoning spell, Yul knocks Jang-Uk down and watches him fly across the floor. Although he loses, overpowering Chisu overshadowed the achievement of winning the duel. At least for now anyway. Of course, this also means that Mu-Deok now serves Yul, rather than Jang-Uk.

With Jang-Uk recovering, Yeom is thrilled to see the level the young student has managed to achieve. At the same time, Mu-Deok learns the terms of Yul’s duel. Although she serves him now, she is still allowed to visit Jang-Uk at any time. Not only that, but Yul also has her promise to help him when the time comes for him to leave for Seoho Fortress.

Meanwhile, the love triangle with Park-Jin, Hemp Master Lee, and Maidservant Kim continues, as Park-Jin realizes exactly who is trying to seduce the woman.

Park Jin is shocked and has to hold on to the chair when Jang-Uk hopes Kim will marry a loving man. He’s also going to encourage Lee and Kim to get together… which certainly shocks Park Jin. The latter soon discovers the shoes and realizes that Lee and Kim have been dating for quite a while now. “It must have been him who gave her the wildflowers too,” he said sadly before walking away.

Jang-Uk and Dang-Gu arrive to see Mu-Deok, fearing that she may not get along well with her new master. Looking up, he notices Mu-Deok and Yul together, the latter brandishing a new bird whistle. He looks in despair at the two links.

Meanwhile, King Go Soon decides to invite Hemp Master Lee to his chambers, intending to allay his concerns about the presence of a Soul Shifter nearby.

Speaking of closeness, in Jinyowon, Jin Ho-Gyeong remains determined to find his long-lost daughter. But despite so many people showing up, Cho-Yeon begins to lose faith. Unfortunately, Cho-yeon lets her guard down on the outside and she finds herself stung by Jin Woo-Tak, who clearly has a nefarious plan in mind.

Park Jin continues to be suspicious of Mu-Deok’s publicity at the end, tasks Sang-Ho with looking into his past. Since the details of Jang-Uk’s meeting with Mu-Deok are hazy, he wants to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

However, they are not the only ones hunting. It turns out that several loan sharks are also after So-I, given the debt she owes. But as we know, she’s with Jin-Mu in Cheonbugwan and she watches, in horror, as the two women she swindled off the boat are brought in…and fed to a hidden Soul Shifter.

As the bodies petrify and turn black, Jin-Mu uses this as a lesson to keep her in line – and get rid of anyone who might recognize So-I.

Following this, there is some pretty funny drama involving Mu-Deok and the Crown Prince. Earlier in the episode, he defies Mu-Deok’s devotion to the UK and throws the Jade Stone into a pool outside. She keeps a straight face until she fishes him out in the middle of the night.

When Mu-Deok joins the crown prince here, the pair verbally argue about the importance of this stone. In the end, Mu-Deok keeps it and refuses to return it.

Just then, a few mages arrive and start berating her. The crown prince offers a jewel that will prevent anyone from bashing her before she leaves. Noticing ink on the shoulder of one of the men, he gives him some advice on using white rice to get rid of it. This is, of course, a throwback to the Songrim exam!

Anyway, after a stab of jealousy, Jang-Uk takes Mu-Deok completely off guard and kisses her, deciding to go for the “pretty woman” after all. Mu-Deok ends up running away afterwards, but she shows him the jade stone, seemingly solidifying their feelings for each other.

Mu-Deok soon encounters Park-Jin, who questions her story, including lying about being blind. She manages to hold her own in the face of strong questioning, with Mu-Deok’s tutor standing by her side. He encourages Mu-Deok to head to the Ferry Inn. Before leaving, he mentions So-I’s arrival, which throws Mu-Deok off his game.

Mu-Deok reflects on this when she shows up at the Ferry Inn, where she finds a man on the floor with his throat slit. Unfortunately, Park Jin appears right after and immediately believes that she is solely responsible.

Meanwhile, Master Lee Cheol arrives before Go Soon, accompanied by Yeol, Dang-Gu and Jang-Uk, where he tells them everything he can recognize Soul Shifters… and he is the Shifter. Jang-Uk realizes, to his horror, that he knew Mu-Deok was a shapeshifter all along.

The episode review

What a cliffhanger to leave everything hanging! Alchemy of Souls is coming to an agonizing end here as we’re going to have to wait an entire week to find out what happens next.

In the meantime though, this fantasy drama has done a great job maintaining the magic and political intrigue throughout the weeks and this double bill is no exception. In a way, this chapter feels a lot like the proverbial deep breath, keeping us poised and ready for next week when things might take a pretty drastic turn.

Either way, Alchemy of Souls has been a great watch, and this episode manages to bond the Crown Prince and Mu-Deok well, while simultaneously advancing the potential romance for Jang-Uk and Mu-Deok. The kiss was definitely unexpected and it was one of the best moments of the whole show.

Everything is left hanging here though and next week’s episode is not to be missed!

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Expect a full season write-up at the end of this season!