Apparently Big was supposed to come back and just like that… before Chris Noth’s charge of assault

Some upcoming spoilers for past and future episodes of And just like that …!

Most of the elders Sex and the city gang back in limited series HBO Max revival And just like that: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, Mr. Big, Harry, Stanford, etc. (Essentially, only Samantha played by Kim Cattrall is missing, although they left the door open for her.) With a heart attack. Shortly thereafter, assault charges involving Noth surfaced online, sparking controversy and consequences for the actor, and he was reportedly cut off from a final appearance as Big.

TVLine reported that there must be some fantastic streak in the finale of And just like that …, featuring Mr. Big himself. Obviously, Carrie Bradshaw goes to the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris to scatter Big’s ashes in the upcoming February 3 episode and sees him there – but not anymore. The creative team reportedly removed Chris Noth’s appearance because it wasn’t necessary for the scene. HBO Max has not commented on the report at the time of writing, but the news suggests the streaming platform is taking the situation with Noth as seriously as CBS.

The controversy began when two anonymous women accused Chris Noth of sexual assault twice. Then actress Zoe Lister-Jones also claimed that her former Law and order the co-star was “a sexual predator”. As a result, intense accusations of domestic violence against Noth and his ex-girlfriend Beverly Johnson, dating back to the 90s, began to circulate.

Chris Noth denied the initial accusations but, just like that, plans ended up severing ties with the 67-year-old actor. Peloton withdrew its big viral ad, saying they were “unaware” of the incidents in question. He was also fired from CBS crime drama Equalizer, and the future of the series without him is currently uncertain.

Likewise, the Mr. Big actor lost the support of his former Sex and the city/And just like that … co-stars. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis released a joint statement following the sexual assault charges, which they said they were “deeply saddened”. They offered their support to the women and praised them for coming forward.

Beyond the great scene of Big’s death, And just like that … has shocked fans left and right with the new tales surrounding its main stars. They tackle racial issues, non-heterosexual relationships, aging and global inclusiveness. This all explains why Chris Noth’s allegations would no longer exactly set him up as part of the show’s finale. New episodes of the HBO Max series are released on Thursdays in the 2022 TV show.