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Apharan Season 2 shows that streaming dramas opt for increasingly convoluted storylines to keep viewers involved until the very end.

Arunoday Singh in Apharan Season 2

“Don’t laugh at me just because your life is fuk-fuk,” an unstoppable lady who is tricked into posing as the wife of our hero RAW agent Rudra in Serbia, shouts at her at the airport.

Strangely, no passerby give that fuk-fuk Tamasha a second look.

More than the first season, Apharan 2 inhabits a world of strange happenings. Shootings happen in the middle of busy streets in foreign countries, and no one stops to ask, “Is this a shooting in progress?”

Voluntary pun. I say. A truly awful pun. But what is fuk-fuk! The pleasure of watching through 11 gloriously kitschy episodes of Apharan 2 is to go with the bloody tide. Just ride the waves of violence and insult [in both Hindi and English, subtitles not needed] as you will enjoy a particularly choppy and rocky rollercoaster ride that takes us from Serbia to Haridwar.

There is a windfall in the final episode when veteran actor Jeetendra [coincidentally, producer Ekta Kapoor’s father] makes a brief appearance as Rudra’s father. ‘Go get my son,’ veteran orders RAW chief Bhandari [a slick actor, Ujjawal Chopra].

Bhandari looks at Jeetendra with bewilderment that he has never been there before. I can understand Bhandari’s anxiety about staying in the good books of the powers that be: there’s a third season around the corner, and no one wants to be left out of the kissy-kissy-bang-bang plot, which bows her twirling forelock to Shashi Kapoor in the 1960s musical blockbuster Haseena Maan Jayegi and Shah Rukh Khan in Farhan Akhtar put on [2006].

Like the two previous idols, Arunoday Singh, this hulking actor with a granite face and matching physique, has two avatars in Apharan 2. One of them, the impostor Rudra [who is actually the  international assassin Bir Bahadur Shah, but shhhhhhh!] is planted in the place of the real Rudra, with Rudra’s wife Ranjana [Nidhi Singh] in Haridwar while the real Rudra, who has lost his mind, is in Serbia, being brainwashed by a cunning hitman named Nafisa [Sukhmani Sadana] to believe that she is his wife.

Then there is Gilauri [played with Mallika Dua vibes by Snhel Dixit Mehra]the fuk-fuk woman impostor mentioned at the beginning.

All of this may seem extremely confusing to average OTT viewers, although I wouldn’t bet on it: streaming dramas opt for increasingly convoluted storylines to keep viewers engaged until the end.

So here is my suggestion on how to profit from the heretical hijinks of Apharan: focus on female characters who are much more interesting than males even in their restricted dimensionality.

Ranjana, for example, has just come out of a coma. She thinks she is a singer on par with Lata Mangeshkar, then switches loyalties to Lata Mangeshkar’s sister, Asha Bhosle. At a moment filled with rage, she tells him [imposter] husband, “Did you forget that I asked you to sing a song for Pancham [RD Burman]?”

“Who the hell is Pancham, we have to find him”, growls the fake Rudra[qui a l’air d’avoir grandi avec Deff Leppard].[wholookslikehehasgrownuponDeffLeppard)snarlsunderhisbreath[wholooks likehehasgrownupon DeffLeppard) snarlsunderhisbreath

Indeed, we must. In the meantime, there’s Lata Mangeshkar at the start of every episode singing ‘Ae Phansa‘ (from the 1973 film Policeman). If this trap statement refers to the characters, or to us the viewers, I don’t know.

Just hang in there. Because the decisive fight between the two Arunodays on the banks of the Ganges will leave you guessing which of the two will live in the end. The Survivor comes to the frontline of Season 3. Lucky chap.

Apharan Season 2 airs on Voot Select.

Rating: ***

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has written about Bollywood long enough to know the industry inside out. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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