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Hhello, learned Guardian reader! We are Aunty Donna, a comedy group who built our career on the Internet. We started on stage, moved to YouTube, and ended up on Netflix last year. Now we return to the stage with Aunt Donna and the Magical Dead Cat Tour (visit to a town near you (if we have to leave home (please get vaccinated (if eligible and stock is available))).

We’ve put together a list of near and far videos to help you broaden and deepen your comedic palate. Be careful, we are broken. Enjoy!

1. There is a fly IN my soup

Mr. Johnson or “Blue Man” is one of the greatest comedic characters of all time. His soliloquy “Twelve thousand restaurants, I don’t know why I have to come to this one” is etched forever in my brain.

The customer is always right.

2. Hot department

Hot Dept is the next big thing. Go see them live when you can.

I’m just a sexy housewife.

3. Definitely a real children’s show

Check out episode 1 of this strange cult children’s show made in Perth in the 90s. Shit.

It’s just an unlucky coincidence.

4. Graduation parties, truck babies

Carl Tart is a bloody legend. Enjoy these classic country music songs.

Horn! Beep! Whistle! Beep! Horn! Beep!

5. There is no October 31

The best new skits all come out of TikTok. Jane Wickline is hilarious.

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6. Price wars

This one was chosen by our manager, Max. Tim and Eric are obviously a huge inspiration to Aunt Donna.

Why pay higher prices?

7. I am not a turkey

The Stella Shorts Vimeo Playlist is my favorite site on the internet. Shot between 1998-2002, these shorts are silly, juvenile, and carefree, which is one hell of a recipe for a big, yummy laugh cake! If it sounds remote in your alley, set aside a moment to stumble into the happy rabbit hole that is Stella.

God may be a leaf.

8. Have manners

While writing our Netflix show, we decided that the series should end with the Queen of England coming for dinner. We wrote the role to be this massive force that came in and destroyed our series. We didn’t have any actor in mind to play the part. We were terrified of the wrong casting. Someone suggested that we pick a comedic actor named Tawny Newsome. We didn’t really know his work but, on good advice, we took the punt. Thank goodness we did it. Watch as the three of us cling to life in front of her.

This feast must be manifested.

9. What you see is 100% real

Broden spent an entire day during the lockdown working on every investigation of this very funny Kiwi.

Countdowns are everywhere.

10. Aunt Donna’s little bit of pudding


Shut up and take more pud.

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