Awkwafina is Nora from Queens: the 7 best characters

Choosing the best characters from Comedy Central Awkwafina is Nora from Queens is probably more difficult than most shows. There are fewer main characters than in many series, with the series only featuring three people in its main cast and four in the recurring cast.

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Everyone else is considered guest stars who have only appeared in an episode or two, including characters played by Simu Liu, Natasha Lyonne, Jamie Chung, and Ming-Na Wen. While there are only these seven key characters, it’s still difficult to determine which one is the best based on their arc, comedic moments, performances, and more.

7 Doug

Doug on his phone in Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

It seems a little strange that Doug (Jon Park) is listed as one of the recurring characters on the show. He only appeared in four episodes and was barely seen in Season 2. That being said, Doug has a more comedic relief goal whenever he appears and someone to help give Nora the information. that she needs.

For example, her most memorable episode was probably “Vagarina”. In it, he’s the person who has the song featuring Nora’s vaginal injury on his phone and he’s the person who gave her the idea to try and collect royalties. Doug may not appear in all episodes, but you just know he’s nearby, ready to reappear.

6 Brenda

Wally and Brenda talk to Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

From everyone in the main or recurring cast, it feels like Brenda (Jennifer Esposito) is the one who makes the most of a few opportunities to shine. She can actually look more like a conspiracy at times than a real person, often there to bring Wally into something new for her life, like creating a social media account or looking for dating online.

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Still, Brenda comes across as a good person who really cares about Wally. He was wrong to think that she was dating other people, because her explanation behind the existence of her online profile was reasonable. In a world of wacky characters doing wacky things, Brenda feels more down to earth. Maybe that’s why things didn’t go so well for her and Wally’s daughter in “Nora Meets Brenda”.

5 Melanie

Melanie in Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

It is quickly clear that Nora does not have many friends. However, her best friend has been someone she has known for years and is the one person who keeps coming back to her, Melanie (Chrissie Fit). At first, it seemed like Melanie might have more things together than her lazy friend, but that wasn’t totally the case, which helped them bond.

Melanie hasn’t had much time to develop beyond being Nora’s friend, but it’s a role she’s playing well. She represents a time when things were easier for both of them. Plus, Melanie gets points for her loyalty, as she defended New York and Nora against their annoying old friend in “Charlie’s Angels.”

4 Edmond

Edmund in Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

Edmund (Bowen Yang) is mostly someone who starts out as a small player on the show, but becomes a bigger role as things go on. It all really started in “Grandma Loves Nora” when he started hanging out at Nora’s house and got closer to Grandma. This kicked off his relationship with Nora as a partner on an app.

It was a huge success and the two even moved to China for their new jobs. Of course, things don’t often go well for the characters on this show and it didn’t last. Edmund is funny and most of the time his attitude and success rubs Nora the wrong way which creates a hilarious conflict even though they are related.

3 Wally

Wally smiling in Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

Nora’s dad, Wally (BD Wong) is basically the definition of a guy with good intentions. He is surrounded by his wacky mother and underachieving daughter, so sometimes he has to remain the calming presence in the house. Through it all, he shows them love and affection on a daily basis while struggling to romanticize himself back on stage.

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Wally eventually meets Brenda and it helps to open up a lot about her personality. He connects to social media, becomes more fun, and tries new things, which makes him a dynamic and fun character. Wally never puts too much pressure on Nora, coming across as a supportive dad rather than a dad pushing her too hard.

2 Nora

The main character, Nora (Awkwafina) is obviously at the center of almost every episode. There are times when it can be a little difficult to support her because she constantly makes bad decisions, but that’s always part of her charm. There is a relationship for many viewers in someone who is not yet sure of their place in the world.

There is sympathy in watching Nora wrestle as others her age find massive success and happiness. Nora is also the kind of protagonist who always engages in weird shenanigans and that includes not being afraid to laugh at herself. Aside from her comedic chops and being relatable, Nora is clearly a good person who just tries her best.

1 Grandmother

Grandma consoles Nora in Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

It takes a lot of hard work to work on a show where Awkwafina is the star and ends up as the stage thief and the funniest person. Yet that’s exactly what Grandma (Lori Tan Chinn) managed to do. Living with her son and granddaughter hasn’t slowed down this elderly woman who is as lively as she probably ever has been. It doesn’t matter what grandma does, because it will be hilarious.

Whether it’s fighting with other older women for a payphone charger, arguing with her sister, or telling about how she met her husband (with an appearance by Simu Liu as ” Garbage Boy “), she shines. Grandma is also a loving and caring woman who will apparently do anything for Wally and Nora.

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