Big Brother 24 Live Stream Spoilers: Drama Before Veto Ceremony

The veto ceremony will take place later today in the Big Brother 24 house, but we already have an idea of ​​what will happen! We just hope you’re ready for a somewhat hectic days ahead, at least if yesterday is any indication.

Ultimately, yesterday can be summed up with this: Brittany, who won the power of veto, thought it would be a good idea to try and talk to Monte about possibly targeting Turner, or at least working together. beyond the last five. He had not any of this, as he claimed he couldn’t trust Brittany at all and was always upset about a couple of things, from the way she and Michael handled Kyle’s situation to his suggestion that the jury wouldn’t like him to save Turner this week.

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So, where is Brittany mentally after this conversation? Well, she recognizes that at this point, it doesn’t matter what she says to Monte — she just needs to win or hope Taylor will and choose to save her. She expressed her gratitude to Taylor privately to the cameras; we still think Taylor would like her in the bottom three if possible, but she had to work out a separate deal with Turner and Monte to make sure she’s covered on all fronts.

Perhaps the only mistake Monte made in relation to Brittany was being a bit too outspoken with her feelings, to the point that she doesn’t care who goes between Monte and Turner now. If she wins the last four Vetoes, there’s a chance she could take out Monte now when in the past she could have taken out Turner without a second thought. It may not matter, but it’s still worth noting.

So going into the veto ceremony Brittany is largely on her own, as Taylor has to appease her other alliance. Through it all, Monte will nominate Taylor as the replacement candidate and Alyssa will be eliminated. Turner indicated that he will be vote for Alyssa, mostly because there’s no sense in voting to keep her and being wary of Monte or the last three he did with Taylor.

Do you think there will be any drama after the veto ceremony in Big Brother 24 today?

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