Binge’s first local drama is a coming-of-age love story for our time


The death of matriarch Christine (Sarah Peirse) dwells on the relationships that her husband and children are about to enter into.Credit:Sarah Enticknap

At this point, readers and viewers of a Sensitive Layout should be warned that Weaving and Mitchell are indeed getting dirty on this show. It’s a revelation – and, according to Novakovic, a bit of a revolution too, a revolution that required “extraordinary courage on the part of storytellers and actors to portray people in their sixties as sexual beings.”

For Lewis, much of the beauty of Love me is that its premise can be boiled down to one sentence. It’s that kind of easy-to-explain rhetoric that makes a format salable, and in the increasingly global television market, that’s crucial.

“It is above all a question of satisfying the local market, but then of ensuring that it has the means to sell internationally,” he says. “So we can begin to prepare the ground for (a) increasing drama budgets locally with money from international markets, and (b) constantly raising the bar on the quality of our drama and storytelling and making sure that it is on par with the best drama in the world.

But for Binge executive producer Alison Hurbert-Burns, the main intention was to create something that works for Australian streaming audiences. “I wanted to see a fresh, modern, and truly contemporary way of doing a love story,” she says. “Think back to I love in my own way Where The secret life of us, some of these ways we’ve told stories of love and coming of age. I just wanted to say something like that from a new perspective.

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Newly widowed Glenn (Hugo Weaving) has fallen in love with a woman he has just met. The role demanded “extraordinary courage on the part of the storytellers and actors to portray people in their sixties as sexual beings,” says Love me co-starring Bojana Novakovic. Credit:Ben king

“I felt it was missing in the landscape and after COVID I felt, ‘Let’s have some hope,’” she adds. “It’s not silly with chewing gum – always complex and interesting stories – but they don’t talk about dark forests, death, lakes and all that.”

Love me tick all of these boxes. The characters are real and relatable, often infuriating but rarely anything but empathetic. It’s warm, funny and emotionally genuine. And it’s Australian if you know what to look for, but maybe not if you don’t.

For Australian actor Bob Morley, the role of Peter K – a model with a brain and a heart to match his body (“this is the guy who is too good to be true that girls always play in comedies romantics, ”says Novakovic) – was an opportunity to reframe his career.

Morley cut his teeth At home and away (as Drew Curtis) and Neighbors (as Aidan Foster) before scoring a starring role in the long-running dystopian sci-fi series The 100.

“Once you’ve worked on soap operas in Australia, it’s really hard for people to see you in a different light,” says the Victorian-born actor who is always hailed as Drew Curtis when he comes home from LA . “I learned so much by participating in these shows, I am proud to have done them and to have lived this experience. But it was a great experience working in another capacity in Australia. “

For Morley, Love me is a show “about being vulnerable and open to being hurt in order to truly fall in love, to be loved and to be accepted”. For most of us, he adds, “it’s a scary concept.”

In a sense, Love me is himself about to take a leap of faith, daring to go out and mingle with all that streaming has to offer from around the world, in the hopes that he too can find the perfect match – an audience ready to love and embrace it in returning.

Morley certainly hopes for a fairytale ending.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever worked on,” he says. “And hopefully that translates to the screen and how people react to it.”

Love me is on Binge starting December 26 (all six episodes at a time).

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