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With the release of the independent feature film Belfast In November 2021, fans of Caitriona Balfe are excited to see her in a leading role on the big screen for the first time. Belfast is a period drama set in Northern Ireland in the 1960s. Its confident and fearless performance in Belfast should be familiar to fans of the foreigner, which will soon enter its sixth season, as its main character Claire exhibits the same traits.

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Whether in a minor role, voiceover, or a lead role, the energy and daring she brings to all of her roles have not gone unnoticed by her fans. Throughout her career, Balfe has embodied the strong feminine character.

ten Money Monster (6.5)

Money Monster - Dominic West and Caitriona Balfe

In the 2016 thriller Money monster, Balfe is playing her first big movie role as a public relations manager who uncovers corporate corruption while trying to defuse a hostage-taking live on television. For the role, Balfe was able to use her Irish accent to show the global reach of the company she has put all her trust in.

As it was her first major role, she was able to shine among a larger cast of superstars. Her character had the biggest change of all, and she was able to play not only the skillful cadre who blindly but skillfully towed the corporate line, but also the sincere and empathetic redeemed soul who helped overthrow the company. avarice. This resulted in a real power switch with her male boss, which Balfe played seamlessly.

9 Evacuation plan (6.7)

Jessica at her desk in Escape Plan

One of Balfe’s first minor movie roles was this 2013 action thriller Evacuation plan, in the role of a CIA agent who hires Sylvester Stallone to test a top secret prison. Stallone and Schwarzenegger did the tough stuff they always do, much to their fans’ delight. The film has been compared to action flicks of the ’80s, but it spawned two direct video sequels.

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Although this is an older and smaller role for Balfe, her character played a central role in the story when it was discovered that her father was a prisoner and that she actually hired Stallone for plan his escape, thus doubling him. She was able to deliver a memorable role and performance despite being a minor character.


8 Super 8 (7.0)

A photo of Elizabeth and a baby in Super 8

Another of Balfe’s early and minor roles was Super 8 from 2011. In this monstrous thriller, she plays the mother of the young main character, who has just died in a tragic accident at work while the opening events of the film unfold. The principal father and son already find themselves dealing with grief and anger. Like a coming of age story, Super 8 rekindles nostalgia for previous adventure films.

Although she only appears in personal video footage and in a locket around her son’s neck, her role is crucial as he sets the tone for where the primary family is, living with their recent tragedy against the horrific current events in their city. Balfe was once again able to create a meaningful and indelible performance despite such a seemingly small role.

seven Los Angeles (7.1)

A young man sits on a bench in the 2012 movie Lost Angeles

Balfe got a small role in the 2012 independent comedy-drama Los Angeles. Shot over 32 days and by famous cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, it tells the cruel story of a freed prisoner posing as a celebrity photographer. The film premiered at the Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany.

The slogan of the film is “Everyone is lost”. The movie certainly lives up to that, as does Balfe’s character, Veronique. Balfe finds herself in another minor role, but she’s able to match grain for grain in this dramatic comedy, where everyone tries to find their own version of the Hollywood dream. As usual, Balfe is able to remove many layers, even with such a small role.

6 Angela’s Christmas Wish (7.1)

Angelas Christmas Wish

In 2020, Balfe appears in Angela’s Christmas wish, an Irish animated film and Emmy nominated sequel Angela’s Christmas. While the film contains sad, familiar scenes from McCourt’s works, the dominant theme is that money doesn’t buy happiness.

This role was a real change for Balfe. Although she had done voiceover work the year before, this was her first time in animation work. Using his natural Irish accent for the second time in a movie probably made him feel more comfortable. Even though the role was, once again, minor, as the mother of one of Angela’s friends, her tenderness really shines through during the holiday season.

5 Now you see me (7.2)

A group of characters in a private plane in Now You See Me

Balfe had a minor role in the 2013 Set Heist thriller Now you see me, as the wife of villainous Michael Caine. In this flashy tale of magicians who perform thefts during their show in a Robin Hood-type feat for their audience.

Balfe’s character could easily have been missed due to his short screen time. In fact, the sleight of hand stole the show from fans. However, if her role had been written with more dimension, Balfe could easily have made it incredible. Playing the four decades younger of her corrupt insurance mogul husband who blindly denies solid claims, Balfe could have had a lot of fun turning on her husband and helping him get him paid.

4 Belfast (7.5)

Ma sits down and looks out of an open window in Belfast.

In 2021, Balfe starred in the Irish coming-of-age drama which revolves around a child growing up during the conflict in Northern Ireland in the 1960s. The film is a semi-autobiographical depiction of life by Kenneth Branagh. She plays the mother of the child, which is her biggest movie role to date.

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For her role, Balfe received high praise and she was nominated for a British Independent Film Award and will be nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the 94th Academy Awards. This role was also the closest to her real life, having grown up in Ireland herself. The high marks of fans are based entirely on his captivating performance.

3 Ford V. Ferrari (8.1)

In 2019, Balfe starred as the wife of a professional racing driver in Ford vs. Ferrari, the period sports drama about auto mogul duels. While much of the film is based on the story, Ford vs. Ferrari also delves into fiction. Balfe is the only main female character in the film, with the exception of very minor characters. However, her role is itself reduced, since it is limited to supporting the dreams of her husband while caring for his well-being.

This movie gets a high rating, possibly because of its stellar cast. However, had Balfe been able to dig deeper into her character beyond just the role of worshiper, stand-by-your-man, and truly feel the fear that had built up inside her race by? race, and finally reached a climax? the death of her husband, her fans know that she could have taken up this challenge of playing immense sorrow head-on.

2 The Black Crystal: Age of Resistance (8.4)

Princess Tavra in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

In 2019, Balfe had another voiceover role, this time in the single season of this prequel to the 1982 cult fantasy original, considered by many to be Jim Henson’s best. Into the Black Crystal: Age of Resistance, she voices Tavra, one of the members of the rebellion against the evil rulers. For the second time, Balfe plays a character who encounters a tragic disappearance in history, being stabbed by one of the leaders.

Even though Balfe played a character in a sea of ​​many fascinating creatures, she again plays a strong female role, helping to lead a resistance. Fans of this world over the decades have taken the series to this high position. The series was even nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award and won a Primetime Emmy Award.

1 Stranger (8.4)

Claire on the Outlander ship

In Balfe’s best known and beloved role to date, she stars as Claire in the landmark drama television series, the foreigner. Balfe starred as a WWII nurse for the current five seasons from 2014 to the present day, and she has received many accolades for this role, which is by far considered the best of all. sides.

She has won a Scottish BAFTA Award, the Irish Film and Television Award, two People’s Choice Awards and three Saturn Awards. It’s clear that her shameless and thrilling performances made the series a fan favorite.

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