Carrie Bradshaw’s full name is Caroline on “SATC”


For fans of “Sex and the City”, Carrie Bradshaw has always been, well, Carrie: The shoe-smoking, shoe-loving fashionista who falls in love with Mr. Big, ends up marrying him and (spoiler alert) is widowed on the limited-series sequel, “And Just Like That …”

Well, as if Big’s death wasn’t a big enough revelation, the latest episode of “That” dropped another bombshell on us: Carrie’s full name is actually… Caroline!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie … that is, Caroline … in “And just like that …”HBO Max

So, does this “Caroline” reveal it sweet or bittersweet? Would Neil Diamond approve?

It all happens pretty quickly in the episode “Some of My Best Friends”, when Carrie walks into a bodega that she has clearly frequented in the past. The owner immediately greets her as “Caroline”, and that’s it more or less.

Well, we just weren’t prepared! “Carrie” is just “Carrie” to us. But that’s not entirely a new revelation: Fans who have visited Wikipedia may have seen her name listed as “Caroline Marie ‘Carrie’ Bradshaw” for years.

But it hasn’t necessarily been hot so far; HBO’s official website still lists her as Carrie only. But “Carrie” is a pretty typical nickname for “Caroline”; it’s not like her name is “Thomasina” or anything more unusual.

And both shows (and the films that come from it) have long been suspicious of the story and the names of their characters. We only learned that Mr. Big’s first name was “John” until the end of season six of “SATC”, and only then about Carrie’s caller ID.

Once upon a time on “Sex and the City” she was just “Carrie” to us!Alamy Stock Photo

“If I wanted to give it a name, I wanted to give it the most generic, American, most generic, almost pilgrim name,” showrunner Michael Patrick King told Entertainment Weekly in 2017. “There is no such thing as one. spin, it’s just John. “

And then we found out he was “John Preston” in the 2008 “Sex and the City: The Movie” trailer, a full decade after he first appeared on screen. (The character has since died in the series, and portrait painter Chris Noth is currently the subject of sexual assault allegations.)

So really, not calling “Carrie” by her full first name all this time is completely, totally relevant.