‘Case 63’ Podcast Review: Compelling, Unmissable Audio Drama

Spotify’s Gimlet Studios released their latest podcast today — Case 63. An English adaptation by creator Julio Rojas Case 63This 10-episode audio drama follows a New York psychiatrist (Julianne Moore) who begins treating a patient (Oscar Isaac) who claims to be from the year 2062. Following a format that comes across as recorded therapy sessions, listeners are taken for the ride as the story quickly evolves into something that threatens the limits of the possible and the real.

The success of an audio drama, aside from the script and sound design, largely depends on the performance of its voice actors. Both talented and successful film actors, Moore and Isaac deliver brilliant performances in Case 63portraying two dynamic characters who become exponentially more intriguing as the plot progresses.

Listener experience Case 63 from Dr. Eliza Knight’s perspective, which is heightened by the intimate vulnerability Moore brings to her character amid a series of therapy sessions that will prove to forever change her life as she knows it. Meanwhile, as his enigmatic patient attempts to convince her that he is indeed a time traveler, Isaac’s steady, seductive cadence does an effective job of enticing audiences to invest in this man’s captivating story alongside of Dr. Knight. Together, Isaac and Moore bounce off each other as their characters finally reveal the sharp, raw emotional edges beneath their characters’ initially smooth surfaces. It should be noted that while Isaac boasts an extensive filmography with a diverse collection of characters, his performance in Case 63 recently echoed his layered portrayal of Marc Spector (and his Quirks) in Marvel Studios moon knight.

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Although the stories that take place between the two are ultimately different in scope, Case 63 slightly reminiscent of another thrilling audio drama from Gimlet which also stars Isaac as a mysterious character in the midst of therapy sessions – Back home. fans of Back home will definitely enjoy Case 63is a fascinating race.

Case 63 offers a fast and satisfying audio drama experience that can be consumed fairly quickly with a collection of 10 episodes usually lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. Its narrative strength is found in its deft use of every minute of execution, as it manages to both succinctly provide adequate world-building for the overall story while weaving together a handful of engrossing twists that will keep listeners on edge. their seats until the last line is spoken.

Case 63which is produced by Gimlet Studios, Moore’s production company FortySixty and Isaac’s Mad Gene Media, is now available exclusively on Spotify.

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