Cast and plot lots of comedy in ‘Movers Ultimate’



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“Nobody wants to be a mover forever.” Believe me. As a former mover (OK, it was a month and a half summer after college), I can attest to the accuracy of the depiction of the complete madness of moving other people’s property in the sleeper comedy of this summer “Movers Ultimate”.

What do movers dread the most? Long drives from the front door to the truck, the sound of breaking glass, refrigerators, pianos and, above all, walk-ups. One of my moving teams included a middle-aged man with a pacemaker. In “Movers Ultimate,” which was written, directed, and edited by Ohio University alumnus and sometimes mover Ben Rood (“Don’t Run”), two movers yearn to attend their graduation party. high school student after a day of moving. mother and her children (oddly adults) in their new home. Ryan and Chad are determined to finish their work by 11 p.m. for a change.

Over the course of a day, “Movers Ultimate” begins with mover Ryan (Shawn Knox, “Cherry”) picking up his sleepy, hungover boyfriend Chad (Andy J. Carlson) for work. Within minutes, we learn that Chad had, yes, guilty sex with Shannon (Angela Coburn), that someone has an uncle who lives in a Winnebago, that Han Solo is God, and that Chad may not know the difference. between “conscious” and “awareness”.

A mystery surrounds why Chad quit firefighting to become a mover. Our feeling is that it was not something good. Kurt, the boss everyone hates, wants a reluctant Ryan to accept an assistant manager position suspended by “company” and informs Chad and Ryan that they have to face thin-skinned newbie Kip (Grant Kennedy Lewis, ” The Chi”), a slight young man who claims to have a football scholarship.

Their new client Meredith (Annalese Poorman) is a middle-class beachhead with three kids, rude Denny (Chaney Morrow, “Wrong Turn”), whose filthy room is littered with used Kleenex, sexy Susan (Se Marie , TV’s “A Very COVID Christmas”) and a pre-teen son named John, who knows Chad. Meredith has a “legacy” wardrobe that previous movers broke. A large treadmill needs to be taken down. Ugh. Memories.

Ryan (Shawn Knox) ​​carries a load in “Movers Ultimate”. (October Coast)

“Movers Ultimate” has some of the same tropes as youth job comedies like “Waiting…” and “Caddyshack.” Ryan, who is divorced and insists on using an old Motorola cell phone, is text flirting with his invisible, unfaithful ex. Chad disagrees. The workers are lewd, rude and big-hearted thugs. Someone is packing a giant sex toy. Whose is this unsecured vintage assault rifle? How likely are these guys to quote “Game of Thrones” to each other? Someone laments, “They treat us like Roombas.” Lance (Jeremy Farley) is the mover whose head is most likely to be slapped. Can you play “Cover the ding in the drywall”?

I don’t make big claims for “Movers Ultimate”. It’s not the “Citizen Kane” of moving comedies. But the cast is talented and likeable, and the film consistently rises above low-rent origins.

“Movers Ultimate” contains profanity and violence.