Cast members of Netflix series ‘The Last Kingdom’ wish Bucks well

Did you notice Jrue Holiday’s “sword” celebration after hitting a three-pointer this season? The gesture comes from a popular TV show produced by the BBC and available on Netflix, and the cast of the show are rooting for the Milwaukee Bucks in their quest to repeat as NBA champions.

It turns out that one of the main cast members of the last two seasons of “The Last Kingdom,” a historical fiction drama set in medieval England, says he’s been a lifelong Bucks fan. He shared this with Holiday and his teammate Sandro Mamukelashvili in a message tweeted by the official Bucks account on Saturday.

Iceland-born Eysteinn Sigurðarson has played a starring role in the show’s final two seasons and noticed the celebration being explained by Bally Sports Wisconsin broadcaster Zora Stephenson during the regular season finale. Sigurðarson posted his reaction on Instagram.

“When you love a team and watch every game for years, find out they’re watching back,” Sigurðarson wrote with a “stunning” emoji after showing his reaction to a clip from the Bucks’ regular season finale against Cleveland.

Based on a best-selling novel, “The Saxon Stories,” by Bernard Cornwell, “The Last Kingdom” debuted on the BBC in 2015, and all of its five seasons can be found on Netflix.

“It’s a little thing that me and young boy Sandro got, from this TV show that we watch,” Holiday said after his team’s April 7 victory over Boston when asked about the celebration of the sword. “It’s like a Viking show. Y’all should watch it, man.”

Mamukelashvili is equally enthusiastic about the program, specifically mentioning lead character Uhtred (further identified as “Uhtred, son of Uhtred” in the series), who wields a sword on his back and is played by the actor. German origin Alexander Dreymon. Fans of HBO’s “Succession” show will recognize Matthew McFayden, who briefly portrays the elder Uhtred in the pilot.

“It’s my favorite TV show,” Mamukelashvili said after the Cleveland final. “It was the only flight where he finished it, but every flight before that I sit right next to Jrue and we watch him the whole flight. It just bonded us. We have the celebration now. I know one of the characters, I’m texting him, it’s great. It’s a great, great TV show and me and Jrue are really into it.”

Mamukelashvili and Holiday both responded to the Instagram post of Sigurðarson, who plays Sigtryggr, a Danish warlord who has appeared in each of the last two seasons and (spoiler alert!) meets his demise in the fifth season of the episode.

“We’re backing you sigtryggr! Take that chip,” Mamukelashvili wrote, as Holiday repeated the show’s mantra, “DESTINY IS ALL.”

The message posted by the Bucks on Saturday came from both Sigurðarson and Dreymon, and Holiday’s incredulous reaction is priceless.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m such a big Bucks fan, and I have been for many years now,” Sigurðarson said, adding that he and his brother would stay up late watching the games, “and it’s always worth it. kick.”

Then the big reveal was a message from Dreymon.

“To our allies in the Kingdom of Milwaukee, I, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, would like to say Bucks in Six, Fear the Deer, and Fate is All.”

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