Cha Seung Won opens up about upcoming drama with Kim Soo Hyun + what viewers can look forward to

Cha Seung won shared his thoughts on his upcoming drama “One Ordinary Day” (formerly known as “That Night”)!

BBC’s “Criminal Justice” remake, “One Ordinary Day” to star Kim Soo Hyun as Kim Hyun Soo, an ordinary college student whose life is turned upside down when he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case. Cha Seung Won will play Shin Joong Han, a lawyer who barely passed the bar exam and is the only person to reach out to help Kim Hyun Soo, without ever asking him the truth about what happened that day. fateful night.

In stark contrast to his suave image of one of Korea’s hottest actors, Cha Seung Won will undergo a radical transformation to play the lousy third-rate lawyer Shin Joong Han, who only cares about money. In order to portray the character as convincingly as possible, for the first time in his acting career, Cha Seung Won even chose to forgo makeup while filming the drama.

Explaining why he chose to star in “One Ordinary Day,” Cha Seung Won recalled, “I decided to appear in the drama because I was drawn to the fact that it dealt with the criminal justice system of point of view of the general public. “

As for the character of Shin Joong Han, the actor teased: “Initially, it is for his own benefit that he takes charge of the case of a student caught in a murder, but the character gradually changes over time. time.”

Cha Seung Won continued, “Watching ‘One Ordinary Day’ I think it will also be fun for viewers to know if Hyun Soo is really the culprit or, if it’s someone else, who that person is. could be – and to gradually solve the mystery with Joong Han.

The producers of “One Ordinary Day” praised the actor, commenting, “Thanks to his experienced acting and complete absorption of all aspects of Shin Joong Han’s character in” One Ordinary Day ” , Cha Seung Won reinforces the immersive quality of the story. “

They added, “Please look forward to ‘One Ordinary Day’, which will once again show the true worth of Cha Seung Won as an irreplaceable actor.”

“One Ordinary Day” will premiere in November via Coupang Play. In the meantime, check out a teaser for the drama here!

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