Chime Compatible Payday Loan Apps in 2022

Every time we access our wallet, we feel like we’re going to burst into tears. When we are squeezed for cash and have to cover an essential expense for housing, food, healthcare, or transportation, it impacts us more adversely. It is true whether the cost is housing-related, food-related, healthcare-related, or transportation-related.

The Chime app may come in handy. This mobile banking software allows borrowers to get their paycheck advances up to two days before their scheduled payment if they have direct deposit. Chime offers numerous benefits, but it might be challenging to discover cash advance apps that are compatible with it. Learn more about cash advance apps that work with Chime at Payday Champion.

Does Chime is always compatible with payday loan apps?

If you have a Chime account and need a quick cash advance, consider using one of the many free cash advance apps, also known as payday advance apps. These applications make it possible for you to borrow money immediately without paying much, if any, interest until your next pay period. Some of these apps may charge a small monthly subscription fee, however. You will receive the monies immediately or the next day after your request is processed. However, only some of them are compatible with your Chime account. Because the bulk of them do not perform credit checks, you can get a loan even if you have a low score. If you can find one that works, it will be much simpler and quicker for you to gain money.

Chime works with these cash advance apps:


The Dave app is a cash advance service that gives users access to their paychecks early and connects to third-party accounts such as Chime. This payday loan application allows users to receive up to a $100 advance when linked to a Chime account and up to a $200 passage when linked to a Dave direct deposit account. Your two eligible direct deposits, your expected income, your history of deposits and transactions, how much money you keep in the bill, and whether or not you’ve had negative balances in the report in the recent past will all go into the amount of the advance. The Dave app is sponsored by subscription fees of one dollar every month, as well as tips.


You may be eligible for a cash advance from Albert up to $250; however, this will depend on your income. Even though Albert is available without charge, the Genius version of Albert is a paid upgrade that costs $3.99 per month. A micro investment account, a 1% incentive on your savings, live, personal financial guidance, and assistance from pros are just a few examples of the outstanding features offered by the platform. An immediate cash advance comes with an additional fee of $4.99, which is also accessible.


You may analyze your spending and deposit habits by linking your bank account to the money management function within the Cleo app and viewing the data. Long-term users can borrow money, the amount of which will be determined by their spending habits and balances. If you signed up for Cleo Plus, you might be eligible for a salary advance of up to one hundred dollars.


An interest-free advance of up to $250 is made available to qualifying members of the Empower community who open a bank account with the organization. Eligibility conditions include:

  • Having a good current bank account.
  • Having regular deposits from your employment of more than $500.
  • Paying an $8 monthly subscription fee.

In addition, you must have made at least two deposits to your account in the preceding two months, with a combined total of at least $100, and you must have maintained a balance of over $100 for at least ten days in the preceding thirty days.


In 2019, the mobile application Klover, based in Illinois, became available to users. The maximum cash advance obtained using the Klover app is one hundred fifty dollars. To qualify for it, the user must have received three direct deposits from the same job into their primary checking account within the most recent two months. Your weekly or biweekly deposits, a bank account with at least three months of activity, and a regular paycheck of at least $250 are all needed. It is impossible to make deposits weekly, biweekly, or monthly. In addition, it offers protection against overdrafts and an analysis of spending. Your maximum amount of borrowing can be increased based on a point system.

As a result of the limited collaboration displayed by Chime’s customers, they are only entitled to a maximum rise of $20. They have only recently begun collaborating with Chime, and in the process, they are determining how best to assist all of their customers. Chime’s customers are automatically registered in the rewards program, and to cash out their earnings, they must first amass a certain number of points. You can earn points by watching advertisements, scanning receipts, or referring friends. All three options are available to you.

Why doesn’t Chime work with some cash advance apps?

Other ACH electronic check payments are not permitted through Chime, and we cannot use some payment apps with Chime because employers provide them. Therefore, the only way for you to use the service is if your employer works with them to offer it as a benefit to their staff members.

What you need to know about cash advance apps

Both payday advance apps and cash advance apps provide users with the ability to access previously earned money before receiving their next paycheck. In the world of technology, these applications, known as made or early wage access, are the equivalent of a lender offering payday loans.