China sets guidelines for TV series

The State Council, in approving the guidelines for China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, said the TV dramas had “radiated new vitality”.

Chinese authorities on Thursday issued guidelines for TV drama makers, calling on them to capture “the essence of Chinese culture, reflect the aesthetic pursuit of Chinese people, and spread contemporary Chinese values.”

The Council of State, by approving the guidelines for China’s 14th Five-Year Plan said TV dramas have “radiated new vitality” with “the creation and production of fresh and original series”.

Authorities said that with the addition of new channels and platforms, TV series have taken on greater importance.

“The role of influence is becoming increasingly important.”

Officials said China’s TV dramas have entered a high-quality development stage, but should adhere to socialist values. Producers were asked to “find the right subject [and] tell the story well.

the guidelines provided some specific details, recommending that ‘sexuality’ be integrated into ‘social reflection’.

Authorities have urged producers to seek international exchanges and cooperation as well as overseas sales. “The international broadcast and influence of Chinese TV dramas have increased significantly,” noted the state council.

“Establish specific topics and focus vertically on the new era of Xi Jinping’s society with Chinese characteristics.”


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