Christmas with the Campbells Trailer Reveals Steamy Holiday Romantic Comedy

Christmas is almost upon us, which means we’re about to have a gingerbread house full of new holiday movies this season. One of the movies to watch is Christmas with the Campbells of the director Claire Niederpruem (The Christmas bow), co-author Vince Vaughnand stars Brittany snow, Justin Longand Alex Moffat. The adult-centric Christmas comedy hits theaters and on AMC+ in early December. Now holiday fanatics have unboxed the first trailer for the wacky romance thanks to RLJE Films.

The trailer takes us through the rather humorous premise of this festive romantic nightmare. Jess (Snow) gets dumped by her boyfriend Shawn (Moffat) just before Christmas. However, Shawn’s parents still want to celebrate Christmas with Jess while their son is away. This is where Jess meets Shawn’s handsome cousin (Long), but once Shawn comes back into the picture, Christmas with the Campbells gets a whole lot more complicated. There have been a ton of Christmas comedies over the past few years that it’s hard to keep track of all of them at this point. Especially the ones that involve our main character breaking up with her arrogant boyfriend only to end up in the arms of an “all man”. Whereas Christmas with the Campbells has this classic setup, the intrigue of her ex’s parents inviting her over for Christmas helps separate her from her crowded romantic subgenre.


From the trailer, the movie seems to pull a lot of hilarious miles from this fun premise with the parents played by Julia Dufy and George Wendt steal the show in every scene they find themselves in. . Even though the focus is on Jess and her love triangle, with Shawn’s parents, it’s nice to see a vacation romance that also focuses on an older generation. Love has no age limit after all. It will be a joyful change of pace to have a Christmas romance with this kind of generational perspective.

Brittany Snow and Justin Long at Christmas with the Campbells
Image via RLJE Films

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While we’ve seen so many romantic Christmas comedies over the years, Christmas with the Campbells‘ A more raunchy comedic style and a unique premise could make this the movie the holiday genre desperately needs right now. There have been some modern, festive romance gems like Netflix’s love strongbut it looks like Christmas with the Campbells has a chance to become a new Christmas classic in its own right. It also helps this comedic legend Vaughn, best known for movies like Dodgeball and Four Christmasesco-wrote the screenplay with Barbara Kymicka and Dan Lagana.

Christmas with the Campbellsin theaters and on AMC+ on December 2. While you wait for the romantic vacation to begin, you can watch the new trailer for the film below.