‘Chucky’ Stars and Creator Share What Fans Can Expect in Season 2

“Don’s ability to grasp where horror was going, how the genre changed, and adapt chuckyit was always unique and hugely fun,” said Brad Dourif, the 72-year-old voice of killer doll Chucky during a ATC press conference to promote tube season 2 SYFY/USA series, which begins tonight at 9/8c. Singing the praises of doll creator and series showrunner Don Mancini, Brad expressed nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to reprise the role so many times since. Child’s play created in 1988. “He’s the reason this thing continues to work and why Jennifer and I still have jobs for many years to come. I know the character very well, so I feel like I should be able to go in there and do it, but Don always comes up with [stuff] it makes it more difficult. He really challenged me this year, I have to tell you. I was really scared sometimes that I was going [mess] this great time. He really, really got us out, so that’s great. Being challenged is a good thing, especially for someone who sort of considers themselves retired.


Chucky can’t retire, not after the first season became one of the three best new cable series of 2021. “I didn’t know it was a TV series,” laughed Jennifer Tilly, who is returning in as Tiffany Valentine. “I thought it was like a TV event. I never thought there would be a season two. And then at the end of the second season, I was like, I can’t wait for season three , assuming it will go on forever. The cast was careful not to reveal any spoilers, but they couldn’t help but sing the praises of where this second season is set. “I think season two is still better than season one.”

“I spend an awful lot of time thinking about Chucky,” joked the doll’s creator and series showrunner and executive producer Don Mancini. “One of the benefits of that is that you have a lot of ideas. You have ideas of characters that he can develop relationships with, different areas that he can operate in. You kind of develop them and put them in a drawer. So that’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I really like plugging all of our characters into different horror subgenres. This season, Chucky is stalking Jake, Devon, and Lexy as they go through a Catholic school.”When I was in eighth grade, I was sent to an Episcopal school,” Don revealed. “Any religion, I think, presupposes a belief in the supernatural. And, so, having Chucky crossed with that, I think is really, really interesting. One of the things we’ve always found is that Chucky is often the most entertaining when he upends the status quo and/or takes on authority figures and pierces that kind of unthinking confidence or hypocrisy that people or institutions may have. So it’s a fun arena to drop Chucky.

Devon Sawa returns to the franchise in a new role, Father Bryce. “That character was a little easier to play than the last two fools I played,” Devon joked about playing twins last season, who didn’t survive. “I had so much fun with this thing, and I’m just lucky to be on it.” One of the teen idol’s high points of the 1990s was seeing a new generation of young actors grow up through the show. “I was a young actor, so it was my first time working with kids my age when I started. I love watching them grow, and season two was a whole new experience watching them. growing up as young actors, as young artists, and it’s been phenomenal.



“Jake is dealing with all the guilt that’s been put on him because he really feels responsible for all the damage that’s been done to those affected,” Zackary Arthur explained of where we find his character at the start of this season. . “This relationship between him and Devon, you’ll see how it develops in this new environment and how Chucky reacts in this new environment.” Teenage fans fell in love with Jevon (the couple name of Jake and Devon), but Björgvin Arnarson shared that they might not be able to mend their relationship following the terror inflicted by Chucky. “Devon wants to reconnect with Jake and try to build that relationship more, but it’s not working,” he revealed. “They’re starting to lose touch, and there’s a lot of drama between the two. They’re really trying, especially Devon, to connect. But he seems unable to reach Jake.

For Alyvia Alyn Lind, playing Lexy in Season 2 was almost like approaching a new character. “Don wrote this amazing role for her, and the emotions were completely different,” the actress explained. “I started the first season, day one playing a completely different character than the one I finished. It was really fun to end the second season with this brand new character. Which makes it even harder for the trio, they’re all pulled in different directions this season.” They can’t talk about the trauma they went through with anyone else, and they kind of lost touch at this point. So they just have to push everything and pretend everything is fine when it’s definitely not. Lexy turned to drugs. She tries to cope in any way she can because she feels like she lost everyone she loved. And Devon and Jake aren’t there for her.



“The YA element is a good fit for chucky“, added Don Mancini of the success of the television series, rated TV-14. “Aesthetically, we like to do stylistic, grand and visually exaggerated stuff. And I think that’s how adolescent emotions work. Teenage emotions are exaggerated and large. That’s how you live things when you’re a teenager. Everything is incredibly alive. Don also gave hardcore fans of the franchise another idea of ​​what to expect this season. “It allows us to learn more about the backstory and relationships of the characters, take different paths, and explore characters that fans wanted to learn more about. This year, we learned more about Glen and Glenda, on what happened with them. Fans have wanted to know this since 2004.”

Season 2 of chucky starts tonight at 9/8c on SYFY and USA.