Cinderella (2021): The 9 funniest characters

Content Warning: This article contains spoilers for Cinderella (2021)

Amazon Prime’s new movie Cinderella takes a fresh approach to telling the familiar story by adding a light, comedic tone and mixing it with modern dialogue and music. The movie is certainly different from previous Cinderella adaptations and puts some interesting twists on the characters as they are a lot funnier and more progressive in this version.

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Not all characters are meant to be funny, and some do better than others at their comedic endeavors. However, some manage to stand out as memorable and funny characters.

ten Prince robert

Prince Robert chats with Cinderella at the ball

One of the biggest changes the film makes to other adaptations of Cinderella is the character of the prince. He is given more personality and more to do as he ends up giving up the throne to be with Cinderella.

While Prince Robert is a more developed and three-dimensional character than Prince Charming in other versions, he’s mostly a serious character who doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to be comedic. Defined more by his angst than by his humor, he is the least funny character in the film.

9 Viviane

An image of Vivian sitting on a couch in Cinderella 2021

Vivian is this movie’s version of the mean mother-in-law, although she’s less cruel than in other renditions. She is more of an obstacle than an antagonist because she pushes her daughters to marry someone rich. As such, most of his humorous contributions come from sitcom and tongue-in-cheek advice.

Perhaps her funniest moment in the movie comes when she teaches her daughters the value of marrying someone rich by getting into a rendition of Madonna’s “Material Girl” while hanging laundry in the room. court.

8 Queen Beatrice

Queen Cinderella Minnie Driver Casting

As King Rowan’s relationship with Prince Robert is one of the film’s most important subplots, Queen Beatrice doesn’t have as big a role in the film as some of the other royals, but she does. make the most of it. scenes in which she finds herself.

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Queen Beatrice finally has the moment to shine towards the end of the film as she humorously stands up to the king in front of everyone by singing Gloria Estefan’s song “Let’s Get Loud”. She doesn’t have too much screen time, but she manages to make a few laugh.

7 King Rowan

An image of King Rowan and Queen Beatrice in Cinderella 2021

The embodiment of resistance to progress and modernity, King Rowan is above all a serious and tough character. He’s pretty much set in his ways but slowly learns to let go of tradition and embrace the future over the course of the film.

Although he is one of the best characters in this version of Cinderella, he’s not really the funniest one as King Rowan’s comedy comes from him quickly shooting down Princess Gwen’s good ideas on how to improve the kingdom.

6 Princess Gwen

An image of Princess Gwen wearing the Cinderella dress in the 2021 Cinderella movie

In an attempt to resolve some of the problematic and dated issues with Cinderella, Princess Gwen is a progressive character; she constantly throws up ideas that are rejected by her parents until they realize that she would be a great leader and make her heir to the throne.

Some of the funniest jokes in the movie are how quickly Princess Gwen’s ideas are dismissed and the way she hides in the background, hiding behind portraits and other objects.

5 Cinderella

cinderella exam 2021

Cinderella is a driven and ambitious character who tries to overcome obstacles in her path in order to fulfill her dreams and become a successful designer. Because of these lofty goals, Cinderella is a fairly straightforward character who only makes occasional jokes.

Some of her funniest moments come when she throws off meta-jokes and quirky humor, like acknowledging she was singing about her desires and making an impression of the king after climbing a statue of him.

4 Fabulous godmother

Billy Porter Cinderella

In place of the traditional Fairy Godmother, this movie has the Fabulous Godmother, a vibrant and sassy character who helps Cinderella go to the ball. They don’t really have a lot of jokes in the scene, but their energy and attitude leads to some fun and humorous moments, including one of the best musical numbers ever. Cinderella movie.

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Fab G also has a funny reaction to Cinderella and the Mice conversation that rats are boys and mice are girls. He’s a charming and fun character who injects fun into the movie.


2 Malvolia & Narissa

Cinderella's Stepsisters and Stepmom

In this version of the story, the stepsisters are not mean and cruel as they are usually portrayed. The couple provide comedic relief throughout the film, injecting funny comments or reactions whenever they don’t get their mom’s suggestions.

What makes their scenes better is the natural chemistry between Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer, who easily bounce off each other in every scene they find themselves in together.

1 Mice / Infantrymen

Mice turn into footmen in Cinderella

Although they only have a minor role, the funniest characters in the movie are the three mice Fabulous Godmother turns into footmen to escort Cinderella to the ball. Mice find it difficult to adapt to humans and make surprising and funny discoveries about their new forms.

As mice they provide humorous observations and comments about Cinderella’s situation and as men they have several fun and low-key moments. With no real function in the story, the characters are allowed to be purely comedic, which easily makes them the funniest characters in the world. Cinderella.

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