Cleveland hosts massage event amid Deshaun Watson drama

The American Massage Therapy Association is scheduled to hold its annual convention in Cleveland later this month, by Fox News. It goes without saying, but it’s a rather unfortunate circumstance considering the Deshaun Watson drama.

Watson was traded from Houston Texas to the Cleveland Browns earlier in the offseason. The controversial QB has dealt with sexual assault allegations from massage therapists and recently received a 6-game suspension. However, the NFL is appealing the suspension and seeking a more indefinite sentence.

The QB’s punishment was the main talking point of the offseason. Despite various football-related stories, it was Deshaun Watson’s impending suspension that grabbed the headlines.

The 6-game suspension was ultimately decided by Judge Sue L. Robinson. But many felt it was too light a punishment, including the American Massage Therapy Association. They issued an official statement in reference to Robinson’s decision.

“Massage therapists should never have to tolerate conduct outside the boundaries of therapeutic massage therapy during a massage session. AMTA strongly believes that any client who crosses the line for inappropriate contact should face the legal consequences. And It’s disappointing to see such a light sanction from the NFL against Deshaun Watson in their findings of his violation of the league’s personal conduct policy.

There is a chance Deshaun Watson’s suspension will get more games added. The league is pushing for an indefinite suspension, but they want at least 1 year minimum.

However long the punishment, the fact that the American Massage Therapy Association is holding its convention in Cleveland is an unfortunate coincidence.