Colm Meaney & Shush Films Other Panel Comedies – Deadline

Exclusive: Corum Mini (((Air conditioning, Star Trek), Lobby Ghee (((to tear out, Small ax) When Jonas Armstrong (BBC Robin Hood, Edge of tomorrow) Signed at Star Inn 3 days millionaire, The feature debut of the new British single Shush Films.

They are James Burrows (This is england), Lauren Foster (Town of Holby), Sam Glen (Coronation Street), Mélissa Batchelor (i can destroy you), Michael Kinsey (Destination: Dewsbury) And Grace Long (Dark pass).

Shh Movies

The dark comedy pursues a British trawler gangster from Grimsby who steals a century of theft after being unfairly fired. Information on what roles Meaney, Gee and Armstrong are expected to play has yet to be released.

Cylinder spring (Destination: Dewsbury) Is directed by the screenplay by Paul Stephenson.

Spring and Giles Alderson (Dare, Serial killer guide to life) Ownership of independent production company Shush Films with Andrew Petit and production 3 days millionaire With Lucinda Rose Takararu (Confession, Arthur and Merlin: Knight of Camelot) Perfect image.

“It was a really tough few years for a lot of people,” Alderson said. “Making Shush Films’ first track into a comedy with great touching elements is, hopefully, a perfect antidote.”

“We’re thrilled to be able to make this movie and to work with Corum, Robbie, Jonas and other great actors and crews,” Spring added.

Meaney is represented by ICM Partners, Accelerate Management, Liebman Entertainment, Bloom, Hergott, Diemer and Brecheen, Feldman and Breimer. Gee is responsible for the Identity Agency group (UK). Armstrong is with Conway van Gelder Grant (UK).

Colm Meaney & Shush Films Other Panel Comedies – Deadline

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