Comedies That Cost More Than You Think

“Meet the Fockers” wasn’t just a hit, it was a massive hit, grossing nearly $ 280 million at the domestic box office. With the film being one of the greatest live-action comedies of all time, it was obvious that Universal Pictures / DreamWorks Pictures would be looking for another sequel. Doing this, however, would be an expensive endeavor, with the eventual follow-up, “Little Fockers,” costing $ 100 million to complete. It wasn’t just the kind of budget typically associated with action-packed blockbusters – it was also nearly double the $ 55 million price tag of that series’ original film, “Meet the Parents,” plus a substantial increase. against the budget of $ 60 million. of “Meet the Fockers”.

Many comedies get budgets of over $ 100 million thanks to tumultuous productions that gradually increase costs. In the case of “Little Fockers,” being a sequel and carrying a star-studded (and expensive) cast, the financiers involved always knew it would be an expensive endeavor. In fact, Deadline reported in August 2010 – with a slew of new shoots underway for “Little Fockers” – that the project was under budget during its main shoot. Even with this feat, however, “Little Fockers” has always proven to be a significant financial investment and a sign of the cost of individual installments in a comedy franchise over the years. However, with over $ 300 million worldwide, it looks like it was the rare expensive comedy that actually got its money’s worth.

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