Czech retro detective series Nineties breaks ratings records

– Slovak director Peter Bebjak’s series has become the most watched series on Czech channels since 2004

90s by Peter Bebjak

Small screens in the Czech Republic have shown a huge appetite for the detective genre, which has been one of the most popular national productions in recent times. This hunger has been partly sated by new batches of true crime, such as Guru (To see the news), and the mini-series attachment theory (To see the news), aimed primarily at the VoD market. Czech television also regularly provided new felony fixes for the public, such as Pierre BebjakThe series of psychological crimes of Justice, which was sold to the company of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (read the news). And again, the trinity of Slovak director Bebjak, the genre of detective series and Czech television is what we find behind the latest record achievement, such as the miniseries 90s became the most-watched show in the country since 2004.

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90s was born as a prequel to the series Case of 1st departmentwhich reflects the most famous real criminal cases of the Czech Republic’s recent past. Dan Wlodarczyk and Bebjak shared directing duties for the show, which was named the best Czech crime TV series of the past decade, according to a survey of Czech viewers (in which 23,000 votes were cast) conducted on the national portal (find out more – in Czech – here). 90sas its title suggests, revolves around real-life criminal cases that took place during the post-Velvet Revolution era of the early 1990s.

Each of the six episodes managed to attract an average of 2.23 million viewers during its broadcast, while the average audience share was 47.51%. “The detective series appealed almost equally to men and women (a 47:53 split), most in the 45-64 age bracket, followed by the 25-44 age bracket. Interest in the series increased with the level of education of the viewers,” said the spokesperson for Czech television. Karolina Blinkova.

The overall share of delayed viewing represented almost 50% of the total figures. Around 161,000 viewers viewed the series online within a week of the original airing, which is the second-largest delayed airing after another small-screen hit from Czech TV’s original programming, the provocative comedy series. More!directed by Jan Prušinovský. The most-watched episode was the fifth, revolving around the infamous case of the Orlík Killers, a gang of serial killers active between 1991 and 1993. The episode was seen by 2.41 million viewers and thus became the most-watched Sunday prime-time program since the advent of electronic audience measurement in 1997.

The fall season will see the return of the original series Case of 1st department, with its third season. “I’ve already managed to shoot all my episodes, and second director Michal Blasko will shoot until the beginning of March,” confirmed Bebjak, who returns to lead the series. Blaško is a rising Slovak director, who worked with Bebjak on the big-budget Slovak-Ukrainian epic The Slavs (see the news). He is also behind the mini-series Suspicion [+see also:
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who recently bowed out at the Berlinale and is preparing his first feature film, Victim (To see the news).

Moreover, Bebjak is not only a prolific director active in the Czech Republic, but also a producer. The Slovak production team he owns with the producer Rastislav Estak, DNA productionis the source of several series currently airing during the current Czech television season, including the comedy and detective series Phantomwith Czech-Serbian actor Predrag Bjelacknown since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian; the medical series DOC, based on the true story of Italian physician Pierdante Piccioni; and Chieffollowing the head of a homicide department who attempts to clear her husband’s name.