David Renaud is developing a limited series based on YA Memoir A Small If – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: the good doctor co-EP David Renaud, Brandon Magee (Red zone), and Howard Burkons (Red zone, John Q) are developing a limited series based on the memoirs of the young adult, A little ifwritten by disability advocate Elijah Stacy at the age of 17.


Renaud, paralyzed at the age of 19, will pilot the project, direct it and set up a room for all disabled writers.

The 13-episode limited series follows Elijah’s tragedies and triumphs from infancy through adulthood. Relying on his boundless will, his quest for agency and his deep love for his family, he manages to transcend his limits. Elijah’s struggles ultimately transform him into a confident, compassionate leader and an optimistic, energetic advocate driven to change the ableist world he grew up in. This mission leads him to the office of one of the richest and most powerful men in the world – Jeff Bezos.

“As someone living with a disability, I was drawn to Elijah’s memoir,” Renaud said in a statement to Deadline. “It’s an opportunity to tell an authentic story about empowerment and our ability to pursue our dreams in the face of what many people often see as insurmountable obstacles.”

Renaud was previously an editor at ABC blood and oil and CBS’ pure genius before joining ABC the good doctor during the show’s first season. He continues to write on the Freddie Highmore-directed series and is also a co-executive producer.

Magee and Burkons are also currently working with producers Jon Mone and Miguel Melendez on the Netflix movie. Red zone, with Jada Pinkett Smith, of which they are the executive producers for Westbrook Studios. In addition, they collaborate on several other projects, including the comedy series The Marty Tyson Show, as well as the animated short film Ocir—written by Magee— based on the book love letters to my son by Ocir JaRon Black.

“Elijah’s story is a moving chronicle of the courage, self-confidence and determination of a remarkable young man,” Magee and Burkons shared. “We hope that by allowing Elijah to reach a wider audience with his story, we can help him achieve his goal of raising awareness about DMD and finding a cure for this disease.”