DC Brings Back a Fan-Favorite Version of Joker as a Surprising Big Villain

DC Comics has brought back a fan-favorite version of The Joker as a surprising big bad in a major event storyline. The series in question is Flash point beyond, the limited series that takes place alongside DC’s other major event series, Dark Crisis. After his apparent death at Darkseid’s hands (or rather the eyes), Thomas Wayne has woken up in a restored Flashpoint timeline that has a few key differences from the doomed one he hails from. Thomas Wayne/Batman’s investigation into why his rogue timeline still exists has been hampered by an unknown enemy… who has finally been revealed.

The sadistic murder of Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash was a major clue that Flashpoint Batman tracked to a set of Clockwork Gears, which were left implanted inside Thawne for the good Dr. surgically removed. While Thomas is obsessed with solving the mystery of the “Clockwork Killer”, his pal Oswald Cobblepot is panicked because the late Harvey Dent’s son (and possible witness to the Clockwork Killer) has escaped Batman’s protection and care. and headed to the one place he wants to be more than anywhere else: alongside his mother in Arkham Asylum. In this new Flashpoint reality, Gilda Dent ended up being Two-Face, but when her son Dylan comes to see her, they’re confronted by the real mastermind behind the Clockwork Killings – just as Thomas Wayne comes to that same gruesome realization, miles away of the. at his mansion, when he realizes that Wayne Manor’s infamous Grandfather Clock has the final gear in the Clockwork Killer’s puzzle.


It turns out that the Martha Wayne (or Martha Kane) version of Joker is the mechanical killer of Flash point beyond. Obviously, that last panel reveal that Martha’s Joker lurking within the walls of Arkham raises more questions than it can answer, at this point. Martha Wayne’s Joker had a short arc in the DC Universe: She debuted in the original 2011 Flashpoint crossover event and was revealed to be dead at the end, during her confrontation with Thomas Wayne’s Batman in the Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance limited edition link. Even then, the revelation that Bruce Wayne’s death as a child in the Flashpoint timeline drove Martha insane and drove her mad. The Joker was a late reveal of Flashpoint: Batmanleaving her little time to even be active as a character.

(Photo: DC Comics)

That said, many DC fans have been keeping the fire going for Martha Wayne’s Joker to make a return – and now Geoff Johns is up to the task. Like Thomas Wayne’s Batman, Martha’s Joker should technically no longer exist, even in a restored Flashpoint timeline. How she now has the power to eliminate Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne is also unknown. However, given the relevance of Flash point beyond and its obvious link with dark crisisMartha Wayne’s Joker may end up being a bigger villain in DC lore, once this latest Multiversal Crisis hits.

As Geoff Johns stated:

“There will be books and stories that will come out of [Flashpoint Beyond] in the biggest DCU, some of them featuring characters that haven’t been in the spotlight for quite a while which I’m excited to see,” Johns said. IGN. “But it will do that in a very focused way from that side of the story and time. But it’s a storyline that will hopefully explore a different side of the DCU that we haven’t seen in a while. .”

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