December 6 release, where to watch and what to know before watching?


The ongoing k-drama, Show Window: The Queen’s House, is a mysterious melodrama that is exactly what we need to satisfy our craving for the mystery genre. Show Window: The Queen’s House premiered on November 29, 2021, to Channel A. On its first day of release, the drama had already garnered a lot of attention and scored the highest rating on its first night.

Show Window: The Queen’s House is a drama from Monday to Tuesday. Han Bo-Kyung and Park Hye-Young wrote the K-drama, and Kang Sol and Park Dae-Hee directed it. So far a total of two episodes have been released and Episode 3 is slated for release on schedule. Let’s find out all the details then, keep reading!

When will K-Drama Show Window: The Queen’s House Episode 3 be released?

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Episode 3 of the K-Drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House” will be released on December 6, 2021 at 9:30 p.m. KST. The drama had already created a lot of hype among its fans. Due to its excellent build-up of mystery, fans just can’t stop counting the days when D-Day is coming, and they can enjoy their current favorite drama on screen.

Where can you stream Episode 3 of “Show Window: The Queen’s House”?

You can watch Episode 3 of the K-drama on their original network at the air time i.e. 9:30 p.m. KST on Channel A. Moreover, thanks to the OTT platforms, you can watch the series online even if you do not have access to the original network. The episodes will also air on Dramacool, Viki Rakuten, Kissasian and Dramanice.

What You Need To Know Before Streaming K-drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”

The main twist of this K drama is that a woman supports another woman to commit adultery, but she was unaware that the affair was with her husband. This drama portrays in the true sense that what appears on the outside is not always the same on the inside. The drama’s script follows how perfect Han Sun Joo’s life is. Since their childhood, Han Sun Joo and his younger brother, Jung Won, never had to worry.

K-Drama Show Window
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As the two become adults, they turn out to be completely different individuals. On the one hand, Jung Won is a very sweet and sensitive person and is always upbeat about everything. On the other hand, Han Sun Joo turns out to be an ideal beautiful bride, and she has her own exotic home and is blessed with a beautiful child. Not to mention that her husband loves her very much.

Han Sun Joo’s husband, Shin Myung Seop, comes from a very poor background; so, when he married Sun Joo, he made sure to work hard in his mother-in-law’s business and made sure to establish his career. Over time, he became very devoted to his wife and became a loving father. Everything was going perfectly well, until one day Yoon Mi Ra entered their life. Soon, the chemistry blossomed between these two, continuing their affair in secret.

Who are the main actors / characters in the drama?

The drama is expected to have a total of sixteen episodes. The main actors of the drama playing a huge role in the success of the drama include Song Yoon-ah as Han Sun Joo, Lee Sung Jae as Shin Myung Seop, Jeon So Min as Yoon Mi Ra and Hwang Chan Sung as Han Jung. Won. There are a lot of actors and teams who also play extremely important roles in making this drama a huge success.