Dexter Boss explains how Deb takes on new series, in crucial role

Dexter: New Blood showrunner Clyde Phillips explains the crucial role the late Deb Morgan will play in the upcoming limited series.

Debra ‘Deb’ Morgan’s death in the series finale of the original Dexter enraged many fans, some criticizing him as an insult to the character; Nevertheless Dexter: new blood seems poised to remedy this perceived injustice. Showrunner Clyde Phillips has assured fans that Deb will play an important role in the upcoming limited series.

In an interview with Variety, Phillips – who was a producer on the original Dexter – explained how Deb will serve as a moral compass for her adopted brother in New blood, despite the fact that she is already dead. In the first show, Dexter spoke to his adoptive father Harry, but in the sequel he will internally manifest his sister.

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“Deb’s character later said in a later episode that what Harry did could be considered child abuse,” the showrunner said. “Kidnap your son who you saved from birth in blood and who is killing dogs in the neighborhood, then channeling him to use his strength for good and come out and kill bad ones.” people is not the healthiest psychiatric situation to be in. And I think Deb … represents a corner of Dexter’s mind that we all have in our heads that says, “Well, wait a minute. If you do that, then here are the consequences and then you decide to whether or not to do so or not to pursue it. ‘”

Despite some initial hesitation, Jennifer Carpenter resumes her role as Deb. According to Carpenter, New blood presents a new version of the character, describing Deb’s duties as “an echo or inconvenient truth to Dexter.” The actor also explained that returning to play a character who no longer lives was a “cosmically deep” experience.

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Deb won’t be the only person who will have a profound influence on the titular serial killer. Dexter Harrison’s son, who is now a teenager and played by Jack Alcott (The blacklist, The good Lord bird), will also have a central role in the narrative of the series, according to Phillips.

Several members of the original Dexter the actors come back for New blood. Beyond Carpenter, Michael C. Hall returns to his iconic role as Dexter, and John Lithgow once again stars as Arthur Mitchell, better known as Trinity Killer. Several new faces are also joining the cast, including David Magidoff (The morning show), Steve M. Robertson (Zero string), Julia Jones (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Westworld) and Jamie Chung (Great hero 6, Lovecraft Country).

Dexter: new blood is scheduled to premiere on November 7 and the original Dexter The series is available to stream through the Showtime website or through Hulu with the Showtime add-on.

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Source: Variety

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