Dramatic pilot “Getaway” does not move forward on NBC, releasing Matt Long from “Manifest” and Marg Helgenberger from “All Rise” – deadline

EXCLUSIVE: NBC chose not to pursue their drama pilot Go. Titled by Annie Ilonzeh, it starred two protagonists of recently canceled TV series that have since been resurrected., manifest ‘s Matt Long and All stand upby Marg Helgenberger. Both actors are now available to do other shows, including their old ones, both of which have been reworked for 20 episodes. Meanwhile, NBC’s other drama pilot, Dangerous moms, remains in contention.

I heard Long was in talks to join Manifesto as a regular series although it’s unclear if a deal will be made. The missing plane drama was picked up for a fourth season by Netflix in August after it was canceled by NBC.

“I’ll be back for a party, we’re just trying to find the most I can do,” Long said backstage at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards last month while still attached to Go. “After (Manifesto) was canceled, it was heartbreaking. But then we got picked up by Netflix, it’s so much more than we could ever have dreamed of. I can’t wait to go back, see everyone and be a part of history again.

Helgenberger was the only major All stand up cast member who did not sign on for the recently ordered Season 3 from OWN, with streaming windows on Hulu and HBO Max, as she had contractual obligations to Go. The door was left open for her and everyone else All stand up alums to appear on new season subject to availability.

Written and produced by JJ Bailey and Moira Kirland, Go centers on a destination wedding in a secluded luxury resort that quickly descends into chaos after a group of dangerous criminals take the island hostage. The small group of guests, led by an intrepid Army veterinarian (Ilonzeh), will do everything possible to stay alive.

Jasmine Mathews and EJ Bonilla also starred in the pilot, produced by John Davis and John Fox for Universal TV.