Dynamite Entertainment Launches New Disney Series Gargoyles

Dynamite Entertainment returns to Disney Gargoyles to the comic pages in the fourth quarter of 2022. Details are scarce, but the beloved franchise that aired on disney channel from 1994 to 1997 will return in comic book form. dynamite allows them to continue the story with input from show creator Greg Weisman. This won’t be the first time these characters have had their own comic book title. The Gargoyles haven’t been heard from since 2008 after their series with SLG Publishing was canceled. Dynamite promises that more information about the series is coming soon.

What Fans Can Expect From Disney’s New Gargoyles

As noted, not much information has been released yet. However, Dynamite Entertainment promises new stories that will be a continuation of the 90s TV series. Their license also allows them to reprint old previously printed comics. Comics like Marvel’s 1994 series feature artwork by established illustrators like Amanda Conner, Joe Madureira, Jimmy Palmiotti, Martin Pasko, Grant Miehm, and Mort Todd. marvel’s Gargoyles the series only lasted 11 of the planned 12 issues, and Weisman does not consider it canon since he had no input on it.

Preview of Marvel's Disney Gargoyles

Dynamite has not revealed whether SLG’s 2006 series will receive a reprint, but that series is considered canon as Greg Weisman provided input. Since it directly continued the storylines of the TV series, it’s hard to think it won’t be reprinted.

Gargoyles followed a group of creatures that were stone by day and flesh by night. They originally protected a castle in medieval times in Scotland until a stone turned them to stone forever. Millionaire David Xanatos ransacked the castle and had it moved to his Manhattan skyscraper. Eventually, Xanatos released the Stone Protectors from their slumber and they began to protect the citizens of New York. Weisman incorporated many Shakespearean details into the story, even naming one of the antagonists “Macbeth”.

dynamite Gargoyles series releases in Q4 2022. The original show is available on Disney+.